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This is a tricky season. And, no matter what fashion trends for 2018 dictate, I’d still prefer versatile garments in my wardrobe. After all, although we wouldn’t like to be caught in the same outfit multiple times, that is not something we all should aspire for!    Any outfit of yours can be given a new twist with some clever ideas. After my floral maxi top blog, I’d mentioned I’d continue with this uber-cool affordable maxi top with front slit trend and here is why I love them, and you should too!

5 Reasons You Need to Include the Maxi Top in your Wardrobe


  1. They’re versatile!
    Yeah, that pretty much makes this a favourite outfit I’d go for. Maxi top with front slit can be paired with long denim jeans, short pants, a mini skirt, or treggings. Each time, it’s easy to accessorise and style it differently. You don’t really need to keep shopping for new clothes when you can modify your looks each time.

2. This is suitable for every body type

Don’t get me wrong! I am not going on about what you must wear or not wear. A versatile maxi top like this one is great to add more length to your torso. If you are comfortable showing some skin, team it with shorts. If not, team it with fitted pants and heels and there! You automatically create the illusion of length, just in case you want to look taller. Although, I’d rather say, wear it if you like it. Don’t do it to follow fashion rules.

3. Extremely comfortable, for every season
It’s long easy breezy style makes it comfortable for every weather. Though I know it’s a tad tricky for the monsoons, this one is lightweight and dries easily. I love wearing it to the beach as a layer over my shorts or just for a special occasion. You can be creative to make it look different and work on the comfort factor to suit your needs. A maxi top with front slit complements every season, occasion and mood.

4. It’s uncommon

At least, till not everyone is wearing it! Have a party to attend? Or a formal occasion? It’s easy to wear these maxi tops for any occasion and still stand out from the crowd. Psst: it’s perfect if you haven’t waxed so brownie points for that.

5. They’re quite affordable

Considering the versatility of the maxi top, these are quite affordable. A quick search online will give you many results. Here are some of my picks below. Do let me know which one is your favourite.











Blue Maxi Top: Fergusson College Road, Pune
Racer Back: Jockey
Occasion: Lazying by the pool 
Photographer: Hana Jade Hudain


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I can’t get enough of long slit maxi tops. If you, like me, have a penchant to mix and match, maxi tops are a clothing item that are a must in your wardrobe. This garment is flowing or fitted and I feel it appears so graceful that I have already purchased some. But, the trick lies in understanding what your maxi top looks best with. In the coming weeks, I’ll take you on a series of such maxi tops with slits that can be worn in different ways for casual occasions to ones that add to your oomph factor.

Psst: In case you’ve missed my earlier post on monsoon fashion, check out the little Zink London blue dress in this blog.

We shot this colourful maxi dress as a casual one where I was headed out for a quick coffee. Bengaluru being Bengaluru, I cannot resist the temptation of filter coffee and I find that it just adds to the magic of this season. These photos were clicked as the sky rumbled overhead, promising to drench us and the long maxi top, if we didn’t run for cover soon!

Now, long maxi tops may not be the smartest decision as monsoon fashion. Yet, I liked this bold and bright floral print which stands out amidst the monsoon landscape. The fabric being lightweight, I felt no discomfort while walking. I avoided heels here as I am more on function and comfort and definitely, with the clouds about to break open, you wouldn’t want to be tromping around in heels on an uneven road.

This long maxi top has a slit in the centre. I could have paired it with tregging but I refrained from doing so. I preferred denim jeans as the slit being in the centre, I wanted something that is not too body hugging as pants but just comfortable enough. Ladies, the emphasis should always be on comfort and with my blog, I aim to show that fashion need not always be about working yourself up into a frenzy, in an aim to be something you are not. It’s about defining your personal style. Yes, this has been said again and again, and I wish to repeat it! Unlike women (some I have observed) who often go for a size smaller, I opt for a comfort fit as clingy outfits are not always comfortable for a longer duration.

Do you have a maxi top tucked away in your cupboard that you are waiting to style? Do leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Maxi Top: Myntra

Jeans: Central

Footwear: Lavie

Photographer: Hana Hudain Jade

Coffee and Conversations: Stimulating

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Ok, so let me get this straight. We have already read enough motivation quotes on Being Yourself and how you are the only person who is unique. Well, this is not a preachy blog but I’d like to bring this topic up due to some experiences I’ve had as a blogger. Influencer marketing and blogging that brings new brands to the fore – these are all a part and parcel of my job. With the filter-perfect photos being posted every single second on social media channels, the competition does heat up. I follow so many people on Facebook and on WordPress and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the kind of photos posted – the perfect pout, the red nails, the high heels and of course, the boyfriend always ready to snap a photo of every single moment. (No, not being bitter 🙂 )

Wait a minute. I’m not against all this. I’m a part of it, am I not? This brings me back to my topic. Being Yourself.

Being Someone Else is so Unoriginal

The competition online is getting tougher day by day. You might be having a fantastic loyal fan following built around a bunch of lies through pretty visuals. But, remember, this is difficult to carry on in the long run. This is not to judge people who do have those perfect glossy images, this is about those who try to fake it and then get dejected with the results. Hey, you are unique, so why would you try to be someone else? I interact with a lot of people who may want to wear what I am wearing. It happens to me too. I see this beautiful creation online and sometimes, it just doesn’t look good when I wear it. That’s totally fine. It’s always better to be yourself than to try to emulate someone who is not even remotely connected to your personality.

Build on your Authentic Story

What does your mirror reflect? How you want the world to perceive you or what you want to be? (No filter, no Photoshop photo.)

I’ve shared many things on my blogs and social media sites. It’s not always that I post photos of my buys, but yes, sometimes I do. I get many questions as to the brands I buy or how I manage to put up some looks. There’s something you need to know. A blogger’s life is not always about pretty photos. Hah. I’m typing this in my most comfortable shorts. A majority of my photos are not perfect at all. I feel they are not imperfect either! A friend once called me and gave some unasked advice on the photographs I posted. To this, I can only say. Every person is unique and there’s always a story behind each photo. While I do not expect my readers to understand the challenges, each blogger deals with different issues.

Who are your Role Models?

There are so many people telling their own story. We all have something to share. We all have our unique talents. You might be a fan of a Bollywood actor or a social media star. If you observe some success stories, they don’t care about what people think. I mean, that is exhausting. I do it all the time! I used to worry about the reactions to my blogs. Now, I do what I want to do. I’m sharing two of my favourite social media success stories.

Kristina Kuzmic: A dear friend of mine introduced me to her page when we both were feeling low. Her page shares her struggle with her divorce and life. Currently remarried, with a family of 3 children, Kristina gives hope to many readers. What I love about her? Her sense of humour!

Jay Shetty: He has a large fan following and some of his videos are motivating indeed. I like the way he carries himself with a genuine charm and uses the right content to put forth his message to his followers.

I’ve given you a peek into my thoughts and life as a blogger. If you are aspiring to be one, go ahead and share that personal story. Don’t worry about the no make-up selfies. Have some fun and drop your link in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.







I’ve always loved doing a job. Not many know that I started out as a copywriter instead of a designer in my hometown, Goa.  A Bachelor of Fine Art was supposed to design, not write. What made me leave that job? Well, there wasn’t enough work happening. And, yes, I felt I have to step out of my comfort zone. What followed were exciting profiles with Pune’s leading media houses as a designer and Infographer, content writer with a start-up and blogger and internal communication specialist with IT firms. The rush you feel when you deliver an assignment in the least amount of time is priceless!

Yet, I am sure there are some people who will identify with what I have to say. I personally dislike pretending to work for 9 hours a day. I mean, how many are honestly focussed for 9 hours? I kind of love my work but there’s someone who will be measuring it in the number of hours. From the business point of view, I understand the entrepreneur’s turmoil. There are not too many people who display high levels of integrity and commitment to show excellence even without being managed.

This I believe is like a vicious circle.

To have your freedom and to ensure people trust you – remember, you have to earn that trust.

That said, I enjoy my work and being a blogger brings me in contact with so many diverse personalities. I see people trapped in their jobs – earning a handsome salary but unhappy. I see people trapped in freelance work – they have their freedom but the commercials might be low. The struggle of blogging is real but the good news is, situations won’t remain the same.

I think we need to take some risks and believe in ourselves to enjoy our work. There will always be that unhappy moment. One can’t avoid that. But, it shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dreams. We all had our share of ups and downs. A blogger’s life is not an easy one, either! You need to weigh the pros and cons to ensure you take the path that brings you true joy. If blogging it is, then so be it.

What have you done differently in your work place or how are you following your passion? I’d like to know!

Top: Orion Mall

Pants: Bangalore Central

Footwear: Sole to Sole, Pune

Fun-time: Priceless!

Creative professional behind the lens: Shounak Kelkar (Follow on Instagram: x.focus)






If you’ve been following my posts, I’ve already created two looks with the little black dress here and here. I think there’s so much versatility with an LBD that one can either dress it up or down. Right now, I found myself in a funky mood so it’s colours all the way! Nothing like zany prints and a bright shoulder back to bring a new look to a little black dress.

Have some more ideas? Do comment below!

Little Black Dress: Cupid, Pune

Short Jacket: Reliance Trends, Bangalore

Bag: FastTrack

Mood: Unpredictable like the Bangalore weather

Creative Photographer: Shounak Kelkar (x.focus on Instagram) 


Sustainability is a more than just a trend for me. Which is why I had a post on decluttering your wardrobe a while ago. We keep buying things we don’t want and chuck them away for various reasons. What are we doing? Why are we doing it? What’s wrong with the world today? So, I took on this project of styling the quintessential little black dress. To give it a new spin every single time. 

Today, clothes such as a little black dress can be purchased with an app. Cosmetics and groceries are delivered at our doorstep. We long for fast and quick deliveries. We yearn the same in our relationships. It should be fast, it should be fulfilling yet a no-commitment approach. We are soon turning into some robots without any kind of intelligence. We are fast turning into a hungry and selfish generation that is looking to acquire more things, and swipe endlessly on dating sites in pursuit of the most endearing partner.

What’s wrong with the world today? Plenty, I’d say.

Friends who know me often find me burying my head in books. I think the world of books opens up my imagination which reality tends to constrict. This post is about doing the best with what you have. And, here, I’ve combined my little black dress with an oversized jean jacket, comfortable footwear and crazy earrings. This is just about being me. Happy, comfortable, and doing the things I love – spending time with self. Go ahead, label me as a gypsy. (I find these labels so amusing.)

Here’s what you can do: Get an oversized light-weight denim jacket or a sporty jacket with prints. Team it up with your favourite pair of flats or sneakers. Add a dash of colour through your accessories. You’d want that colour to pop to give a new twist to your little black dress.

Stay tuned to my next post where I’ll show you how to change that LBD into a different look. So, you don’t need to keep buying more stuff. You can work around with what you have.

Dress: Cupid, Pune

Oversized Jacket: Belongs to my sis

Shoes: Panjim, Goa

Bag: FastTrack

Earrings: Local Boutique, Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore

Book: JustBooks 

Wisdom: Overflowing 

Creative genius behind the camera:
Shounak Kelkar (Instagram: x.focus)




Women’s day celebrations that happen on 8th March every year makes me ponder about one thing. Should I celebrate the fact that I am a woman? Honestly, is this something we should celebrate on this single day that is gaining popularity from the commercial angle? Or, are we honestly marching towards a change? 

For me, women’s day is just a reminder needed for all of us. A nudge towards reminding ourselves that we are women. Not superheroes. Certainly flawed. In every way. And yet, just so awesome. Flawed to perfection, as I always say. I believe we are taught to be an all-rounder – a great job, perfect marriage, 2 children at least, degrees and the like. Somewhere along the way, we forget we are human. We can make mistakes, we may not accomplish everything. Yet, I firmly believe, the King is a woman. With her imperfections, with her temper tantrums, and everything that makes a flawsome person. She can rule, she can be kind, she has authority, she is a woman. 

Sometimes, I am an enigma

At times, an open book.

Sometimes, I am strong,

At times, I feel my walls crumble.

Sometimes, I can hold my sword high and fight all the battles,

At times, I just want someone to hold me when I weep.

Sometimes, I feel so liberated,

At times, I feel so constricted in the boundaries you have drawn.

Sometimes, I want to chase my dreams and overcome all obstacles,

At times, I just want to lie down on the grass and count the clouds.

I’m strong, yet gentle.

I’m brave, yet afraid.

I’m committed, yet detached.

I’m social, yet a loner.

I’m perfect, yet flawed. 

I’m just a woman. Waiting to be able to express myself without fear. Waiting for the respect that women still don’t receive.

Amidst all my strengths, I’m weak as hell. Because, it’s the strength of a woman, that is sometimes, indeed her biggest weakness.

So, don’t take any woman’s love for granted. As we celebrate women’s day this year, I want to thank all the men who have showered their love, and continue to do so, lending me a helping hand, at times motivating me – thank you for everything. To all the lovely women who have always stood by me- you are my rock! And, to the ones throwing rocks at me, I’m using it to build a fort.

To me, the King is a Woman indeed. Happy International Women’s Day!

*Blog cannot be reproduced without prior permission. 

Blazer: Pepamint, Pune

Skirt: Reliance Trends, Bangalore

Bag: Calangute, Goa

Attitude: One’s Own

Creative professional behind the lens: Shounak Kelkar (Instagram: x.focus)


Dress: Zink, London. 
Lipstick: Westside
Bag: Gift

Heels: PayLess, Bangalore

Sunglasses: Borrowed from a friend 🙂

Photos: Mohua Sanyal

Style trends for the summer varies every year. Fashionistas the world over have their own opinions on summer fashion. This is my version!

The summer is almost here. I can already feel the heat soaring. I love the splash of colours so apt for this weather. While I am not much of a makeup fan, I’d added a slight hint of it. Bright and bold. That’s how I visualise my summer floral fashion dress. What’s your go to outfit for the summer? Leave me a comment and I’ll hop by on your blog.


Are you looking for a floral high fashion dress? Let’s take a look.


Previously published on Women’s Web here.

This weekend, I had a plan. A plan with my own self. To spend some time knowing myself. Treating myself to some things I love. A trip to my favourite book store. A cool purchase of the light shade of pink lipstick I always wanted. And, ambling through the streets of a new city I now try to familiarise myself with.

Sounds like a selfish plan? To some, it would. Perhaps, a couple of years ago, this would sound selfish to me as well. I would have thought, “really, who does that?” But, people change, and so did I.

After a tumultuous time spend in a toxic relationship bound by the legal papers of the institution called marriage, I broke free and found that the word – DIVORCE, does not always mean the end.

To me, this was the beginning. Of a new me, a new woman who knew she would not settle for anything less than the best. Who knew that being a divorcee can be a happy feeling. No matter the tears that flow, the anxiety and the distrust you start feeling towards people.

You also understand why loving yourself is important and why treating the one person you love, but always forget – YOU, is imperative in your own life.

Who else can do it for you? Your family, your friends, can try for a certain while. But, it’s up to you to figure out the broken pieces and possibly join them together. I know the cracks will remain but treat them like proud scars, because you’ve risked everything while taking a different path. You risked it and got so far. You certainly deserve a treat. Because, you are beautiful, indeed.

How have you treated yourself so far this year? I’d like to know. If you are scrambling looking for an answer, I get the answer anyway. If you haven’t even started, what’s stopping you?

Step outside and treat yourself to every single thing you love. Because, you deserve it more than anyone else. Because, you are you.


Fitness, a habit?Why?

The year 2017 brought with it a bag full of challenges on the personal front. Work-wise, I’ve always been the one to be deeply motivated no matter what life throws at me. But my personal life? That took a beating.

I made the move to an entirely new city of Bengaluru.  I started a new life placing faith in the unknown, an empty bag with hope!

What went wrong? Plenty I can say!

As a content specialist, I’m actually hunting for the right words now. Always the “dependable one” (read Rahul Dravid). Here I was – the superwoman. Always working and never having enough time for myself.

A lover of Yoga, I couldn’t believe when I ended up with a nagging lower back pain mid 2017. My life started tumbling down. This hurt my dreams and the fact that I needed complete rest was the scariest thing I ever heard. Why? Because, I’ve always been working!

“Wow – can this year get any better?” I mumbled.

I’ll tell you what went wrong.

Fitness should not be something to be taken lightly or to be obsessed about to the point of worry. Fitness is a lifestyle.

5 reasons to make fitness a habit

  1. You have to exercise. It’s never too late to begin
  2. You have to be fit. This is not about being curvy or thin, this is about being FIT
  3. You want to enjoy all the things in life
  4. You need to be fit enough to work
  5. Because, you must workout just like you remember to eat

Tips to make fitness a Habit

  1. Set Small Goals

When I mean goals, I don’t mean to flaunt a tiny waist or a thigh gap. Trust me, I am not against thigh gaps, I do have them myself!. Set achievable goals if you struggle to exercise initially. Plan a routine of 10-15 minutes to begin with and do it with dedication.

2. Hire a Personal Trainer

Ok, so, I am new to Bangalore and certainly don’t know people here. But then, I discovered sites such as Gympik, that allow you to select a fitness routine of your choice or hire a personal trainer. It’s like the Myntra of shopping. A personal trainer keeps track of your routine and is a source for motivation indeed. Consider it as an investment for your health.

3. Find a Routine you Love

Do what you love and love what you do. Why is this so important? Fitness routines must not be hated. This should be about loving it and knowing what you are doing is for your benefit. Take it easy and be kind to yourself.

4. Prioritise it

Yes, we know we have our deadlines. You are accountable for your own life. You have to decide your priorities. I love my work. I love myself a little bit more. If you’re fit, only then can you chase your dreams.

5. Stop giving excuses

“I don’t have time,” ” I chase deadlines.”

Sounds familiar?  You work everyday. You eat everyday. Do  you feel the same commitment towards your exercise routine? Mostly, not. Because, you think you can afford to skip it. You’ll do it some other day. #Whatever. All you have been doing now is finding excuses. Just as you find time to eat, you should find time for your fitness mantra.  Prioritize it-NOW.

6. Fix that Problem-Area

What are the hurdles in your fitness routine? Is your office located away from your residence? Either change your residence or your job. Are you overloaded with work? Learn the fine art of saying no. You don’t have to do everything that lands in your plate.

I found my problem-area. I spent hours working in front of my computer screen. Now, I take frequent breaks without worrying  what people say.

Remember, your mental wellbeing is as important as your physical wellbeing. Unless you make fitness a habit, you won’t see the results. Work on it every single day. That’s the only way to make it a habit.

How will you make fitness a habit this New Year?

This article is written as a part of Gympik Fit-A-Thon contest and should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. Gympik is not responsible for any kind of infringement caused.

Thank you, #Gympik