I’ve always loved doing a job. Not many know that I started out as a copywriter instead of a designer in my hometown, Goa.  A Bachelor of Fine Art was supposed to design, not write. What made me leave that job? Well, there wasn’t enough work happening. And, yes, I felt I have to step out of my comfort zone. What followed were exciting profiles with Pune’s leading media houses as a designer and Infographer, content writer with a start-up and blogger and internal communication specialist with IT firms. The rush you feel when you deliver an assignment in the least amount of time is priceless!

Yet, I am sure there are some people who will identify with what I have to say. I personally dislike pretending to work for 9 hours a day. I mean, how many are honestly focussed for 9 hours? I kind of love my work but there’s someone who will be measuring it in the number of hours. From the business point of view, I understand the entrepreneur’s turmoil. There are not too many people who display high levels of integrity and commitment to show excellence even without being managed.

This I believe is like a vicious circle.

To have your freedom and to ensure people trust you – remember, you have to earn that trust.

That said, I enjoy my work and being a blogger brings me in contact with so many diverse personalities. I see people trapped in their jobs – earning a handsome salary but unhappy. I see people trapped in freelance work – they have their freedom but the commercials might be low. The struggle of blogging is real but the good news is, situations won’t remain the same.

I think we need to take some risks and believe in ourselves to enjoy our work. There will always be that unhappy moment. One can’t avoid that. But, it shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dreams. We all had our share of ups and downs. A blogger’s life is not an easy one, either! You need to weigh the pros and cons to ensure you take the path that brings you true joy. If blogging it is, then so be it.

What have you done differently in your work place or how are you following your passion? I’d like to know!

Top: Orion Mall

Pants: Bangalore Central

Footwear: Sole to Sole, Pune

Fun-time: Priceless!

Creative professional behind the lens: Shounak Kelkar (Follow on Instagram: x.focus)





Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment and Mental Health.  

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