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Hey, lovely souls! Today, I want to talk about something that’s close to my heart: embracing imperfection and authenticity. You see, in my growing up years, I’ve struggled with the pressure to be perfect amidst all the expectations. The result? Well, alienating the self from authenticity. But guess what? The more I stepped out to begin working and exchanged ideas with people across the globe, I gently got back into my space. Heck! I even owned it. I’ve come to realize that true beauty lies in embracing our flaws and owning our authenticity. Yet, authenticity is something many struggle with for years.

What is the Pressure About?

The Pressure to be Perfect: Picture this – You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, bombarded with images of flawless faces, perfectly curated lives, and #blessed moments. It’s easy to get lost into the illusion of perfection, to believe that everyone else has it all figured out while you’re struggling to keep it together. But here’s the truth: nobody’s life is as perfect as it seems online. Behind every filtered photo lies a story of insecurities, struggles, and moments of vulnerability.

My Own Struggle: I’ll admit it—I’ve fallen into the trap of comparison many more times than I can count. I’ve spent hours agonizing and ruminating over many things. But you know what? It’s exhausting trying to live up to impossible standards whether at work or in your personal life. Which is why,  it’s time to break free from the shackles of perfection and embrace our unique beauty.

Why do we fear Authenticity?

  • Social Expectations: Society often imposes rigid standards of beauty, success, and behavior on women, leading to fear of judgment or rejection if they deviate from these norms.
  • Comparison Culture: Women are bombarded with images of seemingly flawless individuals on any media platform, fostering feelings of inadequacy and the belief that their authentic selves are not good enough.
  • Fear of Vulnerability: Being authentic means showing vulnerability, which can be intimidating in a world that values strength and resilience. Women may fear being perceived as “weak” or “overly emotional”.
  • Cultural Conditioning: From a young age, girls are taught to be polite, accommodating, and pleasing to others, often at the expense of their true feelings and desires. Breaking free from these ingrained behaviors can be challenging.
  • Historical Oppression: Centuries of patriarchal systems have silenced women’s voices and marginalized their experiences. Speaking up authentically can feel like challenging deeply entrenched power dynamics.
  • Self-Doubt: Women may struggle with imposter syndrome or feelings of unworthiness, causing them to doubt their abilities and hesitate to express their authentic selves.
  • Fear of Rejection: Revealing one’s true self can leave women feeling exposed and vulnerable to rejection or criticism, leading them to hide behind masks of conformity.
  • Internalized Misogyny: Women may internalize societal messages that devalue femininity or prioritize male perspectives, causing them to suppress aspects of their identity to fit in or gain approval.


Embrace your Authenticity

Embracing Authenticity in a World of Expectations

So, how do we embrace authenticity in a world that’s constantly telling us to be someone else? Here are a few tips that have helped me on my journey:

  1. Practice Self-Compassion: Instead of being your own worst critic, try being your own best friend. Treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion you would offer to a loved one. Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes—we’re only human, after all.

Tip: If you haven’t done too well in life, stop beating yourself over it. Look ahead with a solution-oriented mindset.

2. Cultivate Self-Awareness: Take the time to reflect on your values, passions, and quirks that make you who you are. Celebrate your unique strengths and embrace your weaknesses as opportunities for growth. The more you know and accept yourself, the easier it becomes to live authentically.

Tip: Journal your strengths. What makes you uniquely you? Talk to your closest friends and ask the same question.

3. Set Boundaries: Learn to say no to things that don’t align with your values or bring you joy. It’s okay to prioritize your own well-being and happiness over pleasing others. Surround yourself with people who accept you for who you are, flaws and all.

Tip: You are at an event and somebody forces you to have something that you don’t like. Say “no”. There is no further explanation to be given.

4. Embrace Imperfection: Perfection is overrated, my friend. Embrace the messy, imperfect parts of life—the smiles, the mismatched socks, the beautifully flawed moments that make life interesting. Remember, it’s our imperfections that make us human and relatable.

Tip: Choose to dress the way you desire without blindly following fashion trends. 

5. Practice Gratitude: Instead of focusing on what you lack, shift your perspective to what you have. Cultivate gratitude for the blessings in your life, no matter how small. Gratitude has a way of shifting our focus from scarcity to abundance, allowing us to see the beauty in the everyday.

Tip: Stop comparing yourself with others. You do not know the whole picture.

It was my work with coaches and counselors worldwide that led me to broaden my horizon of thinking. Coaching is a beautiful medium through which you can focus on where you need to focus without fear. I realized the more authentic I am, the more I connect with the world in an empowered way.

Here is how coaching can support you to be your most authentic self.

How does Coaching Support as a Powerful Tool?

Self-Exploration: Coaches create a safe and non-judgmental space for women to explore their values, passions, and beliefs. Through deep reflection and introspection, women can gain clarity on who they are and what truly matters to them.

Identifying Limiting Beliefs: Coaches help women uncover and challenge limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from embracing their authentic selves. By reframing negative thought patterns and replacing them with empowering beliefs, women can break free from self-imposed limitations.

Setting Boundaries: Coaches support women in establishing healthy boundaries and learning to say no to people or situations that do not align with their values or priorities. By honoring their own needs and desires, women can cultivate greater self-respect and authenticity in their relationships and interactions.

Building Confidence: Coaches provide encouragement and support as women step outside their comfort zones and take risks to express their authentic selves. Through incremental challenges and successes, women can build confidence in their abilities and trust in their intuition.

Accountability: Coaches hold women accountable for taking action towards their goals and living authentically. By providing structure and accountability, coaches help women stay focused and committed to their personal growth journey.

Celebrating Progress: Coaches celebrate women’s achievements and milestones along the way, reinforcing their sense of self-worth and validation. By acknowledging their progress and resilience, women are motivated to continue embracing authenticity and living their truth.

All in all, a coach is a strong partner in this journey of growth.

In essence, coaching provides women with the guidance, support, and encouragement they need to overcome barriers and fully embrace their authentic selves. By partnering with a coach, women can unlock their true potential and live more fulfilling and purposeful lives.

So, my dear friends, I encourage you to embrace your imperfections and own your authenticity with pride. You are enough, just as you are. Let go of the need to be perfect and embrace the beautifully flawed masterpiece that is you. Remember, authenticity is not about being flawless—it’s about being real and #flawsome. So go ahead, shine your light brightly and inspire others to do the same. You’ve got this!

Are you looking to embrace your authenticity? Write to to book a free Discovery call with me. 

I’m an ICF certified Coach with a considerable number of years spent in the coaching and healing industry. I work with women to raise their consciousness and bring a shift in one’s thinking patterns for a wholesome life.


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment, Fashion and Wellness for Women.  

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