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Every fashionista goes through the 'I don't have anything to wear' kind of crisis. In a time when shopaholics are spoilt for choice, it's but natural to be tempted to be in step with the latest trends, almost all the time! After all, our celebrities are the source of inspiration when it comes to being trendy at every event. But, hey, did you know that a majority of the outfits our dear celebs flaunt are not even their own? Celebs 'borrow' clothes quite often from leading designers. While some designers do it to publicize their label, others offer their ensembles to their friend and celeb rolled into one.  Sigh! What about the common muggles like me who doesn't really have a designer friend to borrow an outfit from? I mean, I am from Goa but I never really befriended Wendell Rodricks :-D That's when Rent an Attire came to the rescue. This place is a one-stop-shop for every fashionista looking for elaborate ethnic Indian wear [caption id="attachment_1498" align="alignright" width="451"]Rent an Attire, Pune Jewelry on display[/caption] and trendy western dresses on rent. Rent! Did I say rent? Well, hell yes! This trend is catching up so much and it also saves shopaholics time+money+space. All you have to do is select the design, wear it, and return it. (Terms and conditions apply.) That's how you'll have a large wardrobe without the need of storing elaborately lehengas in your closet. These are outfits which you'll probably wear once and then relegate it to the back of your cupboard. And it makes sense to rent it then! What do you think? (P.S. They take good care of their clothes, everything is dry cleaned and inspected to provide a hassle-free experience for the customers.) Their in-house fashion designers and stylists take care of every minor detail. They have an amazing collection of designer wear (first copies) for the conscious fashionista. Oh, and did I mention they have a lovely range of jewelry for women and sherwani's for men? Go, take a look - Rent an Attire, Pune [caption id="attachment_1497" align="alignnone" width="723"]Rent an Attire, Pune Aisha Fatima flaunts a blazing red gown[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1499" align="alignnone" width="653"]Aisha Fatima seen in a short number so perfect for a party! Aisha Fatima seen in a short number so perfect for a party![/caption] Rent an Attire, Pune Facebook Page - Address: Shop No. 12, Spandan, Opposite Mai Mangeshkar Hospital ,Warje, Pune, India 411058 Happy Renting, Lovelies!