Women’s day celebrations that happen on 8th March every year makes me ponder about one thing. Should I celebrate the fact that I am a woman? Honestly, is this something we should celebrate on this single day that is gaining popularity from the commercial angle? Or, are we honestly marching towards a change? 

For me, women’s day is just a reminder needed for all of us. A nudge towards reminding ourselves that we are women. Not superheroes. Certainly flawed. In every way. And yet, just so awesome. Flawed to perfection, as I always say. I believe we are taught to be an all-rounder – a great job, perfect marriage, 2 children at least, degrees and the like. Somewhere along the way, we forget we are human. We can make mistakes, we may not accomplish everything. Yet, I firmly believe, the King is a woman. With her imperfections, with her temper tantrums, and everything that makes a flawsome person. She can rule, she can be kind, she has authority, she is a woman. 

Sometimes, I am an enigma

At times, an open book.

Sometimes, I am strong,

At times, I feel my walls crumble.

Sometimes, I can hold my sword high and fight all the battles,

At times, I just want someone to hold me when I weep.

Sometimes, I feel so liberated,

At times, I feel so constricted in the boundaries you have drawn.

Sometimes, I want to chase my dreams and overcome all obstacles,

At times, I just want to lie down on the grass and count the clouds.

I’m strong, yet gentle.

I’m brave, yet afraid.

I’m committed, yet detached.

I’m social, yet a loner.

I’m perfect, yet flawed. 

I’m just a woman. Waiting to be able to express myself without fear. Waiting for the respect that women still don’t receive.

Amidst all my strengths, I’m weak as hell. Because, it’s the strength of a woman, that is sometimes, indeed her biggest weakness.

So, don’t take any woman’s love for granted. As we celebrate women’s day this year, I want to thank all the men who have showered their love, and continue to do so, lending me a helping hand, at times motivating me – thank you for everything. To all the lovely women who have always stood by me- you are my rock! And, to the ones throwing rocks at me, I’m using it to build a fort.

To me, the King is a Woman indeed. Happy International Women’s Day!

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Blazer: Pepamint, Pune

Skirt: Reliance Trends, Bangalore

Bag: Calangute, Goa

Attitude: One’s Own

Creative professional behind the lens: Shounak Kelkar (Instagram: x.focus)


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment, Fashion and Wellness for Women.  

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