This is a tricky season. And, no matter what fashion trends for 2018 dictate, I’d still prefer versatile garments in my wardrobe. After all, although we wouldn’t like to be caught in the same outfit multiple times, that is not something we all should aspire for!    Any outfit of yours can be given a new twist with some clever ideas. After my floral maxi top blog, I’d mentioned I’d continue with this uber-cool affordable maxi top with front slit trend and here is why I love them, and you should too!

5 Reasons You Need to Include the Maxi Top in your Wardrobe


  1. They’re versatile!
    Yeah, that pretty much makes this a favourite outfit I’d go for. Maxi top with front slit can be paired with long denim jeans, short pants, a mini skirt, or treggings. Each time, it’s easy to accessorise and style it differently. You don’t really need to keep shopping for new clothes when you can modify your looks each time.

2. This is suitable for every body type

Don’t get me wrong! I am not going on about what you must wear or not wear. A versatile maxi top like this one is great to add more length to your torso. If you are comfortable showing some skin, team it with shorts. If not, team it with fitted pants and heels and there! You automatically create the illusion of length, just in case you want to look taller. Although, I’d rather say, wear it if you like it. Don’t do it to follow fashion rules.

3. Extremely comfortable, for every season
It’s long easy breezy style makes it comfortable for every weather. Though I know it’s a tad tricky for the monsoons, this one is lightweight and dries easily. I love wearing it to the beach as a layer over my shorts or just for a special occasion. You can be creative to make it look different and work on the comfort factor to suit your needs. A maxi top with front slit complements every season, occasion and mood.

4. It’s uncommon

At least, till not everyone is wearing it! Have a party to attend? Or a formal occasion? It’s easy to wear these maxi tops for any occasion and still stand out from the crowd. Psst: it’s perfect if you haven’t waxed so brownie points for that.

5. They’re quite affordable

Considering the versatility of the maxi top, these are quite affordable. A quick search online will give you many results. Here are some of my picks below. Do let me know which one is your favourite.











Blue Maxi Top: Fergusson College Road, Pune
Racer Back: Jockey
Occasion: Lazying by the pool 
Photographer: Hana Jade Hudain


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Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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