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Your choices can either lift you up or pull you down.

In my earlier blog on creating the look 1, I had discussed the need to focus on creating multiple looks with one item to share the difference between the things we need and the things we want.

Doesn’t that apply to many areas of our life? 

While we must attempt to bring a balance in our consumption habits, there are many reasons why this resonates with me in many decisions I make.  You can have a great number of friends but you may not be satisfied with the quality of conversations you have with them. You may chase multiple goals in life while wanting to excel in all. That may leave you feeling tired and dissatisfied as you have stretched yourself in all directions.

I’d say, focusing on Quality over Quantity works for the following areas:

  • Friends and your close circle of people
  • Professional Goals (Jobs, career transition)
  • Business decisions
  • Relationships
  • Managing time for self

There is also a need to be mindful about the things we buy which I’d already mentioned earlier. Everytime you reach out to make a new purchase, it could be that you are trying to fill a void within. No amount of purchases or a high number of friends are going to fill the void. You may think this makes you happy. You need to ask yourself, “What honestly makes you happy?” I am sure the answer will be quite different from the way you are leading your life and the choices you are making right now.

The same concept of choosing quality over quantity applies to almost everything we do.

However, in a world that constantly asks us to have more, how can we do with less?

Why is quality important over quantity? 

Quality keeps you refreshed: You don’t need friends who drain you or an excessive number of gadgets that bring no value. A focus on quality in every area of life keeps the mind refreshed without the excess of emotional load you keep carrying around otherwise.

Quality adds value: When you seek things or relationships of value, you find experiences that add value. You need to be observant about the choices and watch the results you create.

Quality brings calmness: In a world of distraction, quality adds a moment of calm. A mind that is free from all types of distraction, is able to focus on quality goals as you are specific about what you choose to read, whom you choose to interact with, and the kind of balance you create.

One of the main reasons for dissatisfaction is the over-usage of social media. We are constantly told to “buy this for a flat tummy,” or “do this to have a high flying career.” Perhaps, we are missing the point of how much do we need and how much is greed?

I would like you to think over the following:

  • When was the last time you had a conversation that had great value?
  • Have you tried to declutter your mind?
    What were the shopping items purchased in the last 3 months? How many did you need? (Do exclude grocery and important supplies.)
  • What actions are serving you to create a valuable relationship/experience in life? 

If you are spending time evaluating your worth over social media likes, or what other people think, it’s time to reframe your thoughts. Focus on what matters. Build a circle that creates a space for open discussions with lesser judgment. Know that what you are doing is entirely for yourself, and not to gain validation from others. Find that source within and use it to seek your higher purpose.

Stick to the Quality over Quantity rule, and you’ll be pleased with the results. Do write to me in the comments below once you’ve applied it to your decision-making process.

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