Quality over quantity.

The year has brought the focus on the difference between the things we need and the things we want. The last couple of years have shown how we humans are designed to always want the next best thing.

If someone gets a promotion, you’d want one too. If someone’s timeline or feed includes pictures at exotic locations, you’d probably desire one travel story, too! It’s as if nothing we do is ever enough. Or, is it? That is a question we need to ask ourselves. Where does it start? And, where does it end? It may seem that the more you grab, the lesser you have.

Our sitcoms reflect the lifestyle we are all living. It’s chaotic, everyone believes they know what they are doing. But, you know what? Nobody actually knows what they are doing. Even relationships these days are less-demanding with ‘what if there is someone better out there’ feeling while swiping on dating apps! Everyone is hiding a story while hoping somebody reads it somewhere! Yet, no one is willing to edit what they really want in life!

You might be quick to judge that this is a blog that has a lecture in store. Maybe, and maybe not.

So, to bring the focus on adding versatility to one’s wardrobe, I’ve styled the blazer with evening wear. The idea is to focus on creating different looks with one staple item in your wardrobe. Yes, you can work with one. It’s all about the imagination! (Second look coming soon!)

What about you? Have you created different looks with a single item? Write down in the comments below.

Photographer: Kshama Anagodumath

Dress: Vero Moda, Bangalore

Blazer: Van Huesen, Bangalore

Footwear: Westside, Bangalore

Envelope bag: Lifestyle, Bangalore

Earrings: RMZ Galleria Mall, Bangalore

Mood: Festive Fun


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment and Mental Health.  

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    […] my earlier blog on creating the look 1, I had discussed the need to focus on creating multiple looks with one item to share the difference […]


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