An interpretation of the storm within all of us

We always associate the Yin and Yang with two principles – the negative and the positive. Some may even mention it as the dark and the light. 

It’s all about opposite forces that flow seemingly into one another. These opposite forces that do not create chaos when in fine balance. They blend beautifully as described in the old scriptures – sunlight playing over a mountain and a valley. That’s how the Yin and Yang is described as the masculine and feminine energy. 

Yin and Yang Blog

The Yin is considered as feminine energy and the yang, masculine energy. Both coexist within us. When one goes out of balance, that’s when the chaos begins!

There is a dance happening here. Right within us. One between the light and the darkness, the sun and the moon, the fire and the water. For the sun needs the darkness to throw upon its light and shine brightly. The moon needs the sunlight to dim so it can shine with its own radiance – a beautiful, calm, soothing radiance.

There is a lot of Yin and Yang within us. Experts may say – the positive and the negative. 

I’d say, it’s two sides to the same coin. How do we define what is positive and negative? Sometimes, we make choices that seem inappropriate to us in the future. Yet, we forget that we are all imperfect beings. We experiment, make mistakes, learn, unlearn, and learn again to form new habits. We all may have a dark side, one that is hidden away with shame.

How to Balance Yin and Yang

Maybe, this dark side broods a lot. Maybe, this dark side is struggling. To some, this dark side may even bring a sense of calm. It makes you appreciate the flow of light coming in after you have already been residing in the depths. So, even if you are bruised, the light still enters through the cracks in your soul. These are ways for you to bring the light of awareness within – embracing the stillness of the darkness and allowing the light to penetrate within.

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The chill of the winter season makes us long for the warmth of the sun’s rays. We cherish this warmth after having spent a cold night – some, having spent years living the ‘winter life’. To enjoy life fully, we need to appreciate the two strong forces and seek the goodness within – making peace with self. 

Sometimes, your mind experiences chaos and that’s okay. You sense a higher power in feminine or masculine energy. The energies may experience an imbalance. But, wait a moment. You need to thank yourself here. For, in this moment of darkness, you see the shadows. You see the shadows because there is light.

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Look up, towards the direction of the light. Look behind, and you’ll see the soft shadows gently merging into the background. Know that you will witness the divine, as the shadows and the light contrast. Both need each other to coexist. 

Think. If life were perfect, how would you feel?

I’m sure we all go through stormy nights that none have heard about. These nights seem to rage like a furious battle. You wake up and know that you have to adorn the shining armor. You are your hero who will carry you towards the light. You don’t resist the storm; you sit through the storm with great calm. You display a sense of strength – one that radiates light. You create that light – this light that brings warmth in your body. As you look up, you realize you are already warm. The raging storm seems to fade and you look around. The light is burning brightly through you. You smile to yourself and say, “Yes, we can coexist. The storm will no longer blow my thoughts and self-worth away.

Indian Fashion Blogger Kashmira Lad

I am the spirit, and I am the soul. I no longer nurture battles within. The two galaxies inside me merge beautifully. I am balanced and I am whole. 

Westside footwear

Photographer: Shounak Kelkar

Outfit: Local Boutique, Pune

Footwear: Westside, Bangalore

Accessories: Goa Airport


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment and Mental Health.  

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