Manage your time better as doing less is actually more

In India, women, in particular, are known to be multi-taskers. Perhaps, I should paint the real picture. Women are applauded for their multi-tasking skills and often glorified for being able to fit many things during a day. While the sleep timings reduce, the culture often defines the Indian Superwoman as someone who can run the house, look after the kids (husband, too!), pick up groceries, have a successful career, and more. To each, his (her) own but I believe in the mantra of doing less will propel you towards greater peace and success. 

Refresh yourself in the outdoors

Imagine being a solopreneur and you will always be hard-pressed for time. Don’t go around puffing your chest out for being praised by stretching weekdays that blend into weekends. Time management along with discipline is the key to getting things done in less time.

Let’s take a look at productivity hacks for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, homepreneurs, homemakers, and more!

5 Productivity Hacks for Busy People

You may be running a business, your home, doing a job, or staying alone. Add these hacks to manage your time better. Work smart, not hard.

1. Write down the important tasks every evening

Yes, it’s in the evening. Plan your day a little bit in advance. This means, even if you are running late, you have a plan for the day. You know the tasks to manage in the first half and don’t feel clueless about the day. 

2. Make a combination of similar tasks

You may be hard-pressed for time, but here’s one fix. Set aside time for the day to work around tasks that are similar. For example: If you need to work around in the kitchen, you can combine wiping and putting away your dishes along with the cleaning of the countertop table. That way, you won’t have to enter the room again and again. Similarly, you can keep time aside for writing emails, sending messages, setting reminders, and sending out voice messages for one particular time of the day. Always keep the toughest tasks for the first half of the day. 

3. Divide the tasks between what is urgent and what’s on least priority

It’s easy to feel frazzled with a long list of things. The point here is less is more. So, stop thinking and pondering over this. Understand which tasks deserve more attention and which can be kept for later. Your division and prioritizing of items will leave you with time for yourself during the day.

4. Delegate, and delegate well

As a solopreneur and Indian fashion blogger, I’d say make those hiring choices right. You may be hiring for your firm, or recruiting assistance at home. Make smart choices to ensure you delegate well and save time. Get help in areas you think you can outsource. Stop micromanaging and take the break you need with a cup of tea!

5. Automate what you can

We know the power of delegation and then, there’s automation. A major portion of your time can be saved using the power of automation. Be tech-savvy and use apps to get the most of what you want to do. For example, social media managers use schedulers to manage their clients. 

Focus on Being Productive Instead of Busy

– Tim Ferris

It’s important to set time aside for yourself. You can do that only when you focus on doing less and being productive
Take some time out to press the pause button
I visited my college after many years. It is strange I did not have the time as I was always so busy being busy!

Most importantly, understand where you lose time. If you don’t need the social media app, delete it! A lot of time is spent browsing social media and then the social media comparison trap sets in. You don’t need to know what everyone is doing. 

I know hustling seems to be the ‘in’ thing right now. Entrepreneurs and small business owners often talk relentlessly about the number of hours they put in. If you have a dream to achieve, the hours do not matter. That’s a common perception. Most people often think that success comes to them by putting in more time and struggle is required for success.

The Key is not to Prioritize what’s on your Schedule, but to Schedule your Priorities.

– Stephen R. Covey 

Take a moment to pause here.

Eat your favourite food. No excuses for that
  • How are you taking care of yourself?
  • Do you feel energized every day?
  • Are you able to think creatively or are you getting tasks done? (Note the difference)
  • What do you think is the importance of taking rest?

Doing Nothing and Why it Matters

It’s doing nothing that matters at times

As I write this, I have spent a day doing nothing. I’d like to admit I did take several work calls. That’s it. I spent my time conversing, building connections, making a nice cup of tea, playing football with an 8-year- old and talking to old friends. Yes, that conversation mattered. I connected with a friend in another part of the world. 

I want you to chase your goals without fatigue. As a business owner for content services, I began by doing everything on my own. I assumed working for longer hours will get me greater success. I faced pressure, anger, stress, worry, and more.

The beach is a great place to unwind

I possibly underestimated the Power of Pause. 

Do you know when the creative ideas spring up? When I am taking a shower or simply reading a book. 

If you are running your own business or if you are busy running a house – hire help. Find ways to manage your time. 

Success means different things to different people. To understand this, learn to put yourself first. I am sure the rest of the things will fall into place. This is the only way to keep your private space intact and set boundaries while chasing your goals. You will notice an increase in productivity so I suggest you to try this.

Every time you feel stressed, remember the beauty of the Pause.


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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