When life gives you lemons…..all you feel is the bitter taste. The taste of failure, anxiety, sadness, depression.

It’s only we who can rise above everything to squeeze the lemons and make a good lemon soda out of them!

We often dwell on the things that worry us, we think about the goals we don’t achieve and we beat ourselves up for the things that went wrong.

As a blogger, I’ve had my share of ups and downs in life. Possibly, things that even put me in doubt of what I am doing. I can write about all the things that readers want to see – beautiful stuff that is so common on social media these days. I want to be real though.

The year was an extremely difficult one – one that saw me as a different person, a person even I did not recognize. That was odd, I was always confident about myself – not overly confident but definitely aware of my capabilities. I was always focussed on my goals, never the kind to be affected by an issue. Yet, here I was, a person who was constantly dissatisfied, annoyed and always feeling low.

I have been on this hunt – searching for the person that I was. I discovered one positive thing –

The only thing between you and your goal is You!

That says a lot about my problem. I was too focused on my own setbacks. I looked around. Everybody had their set of worries. Yet, there were only a handful who chose to speak about it. And, not pretend everything is ok. It takes power to speak up. To accept something has not gone right. To know you’ve probably made a mistake. But, that’s ok. Don’t look around at everybody’s perfect lives. They aren’t that perfect, look at the situation more deeply. And, you’ll surely see that you aren’t the only person who is facing problems.

I am loving the process of finding myself again. Next time you feel down, remember,  the only thing permanent is change.

Have you made the change to improve your life?


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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