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Waking up to the shrill sound of the alarm clock…. Now, that seems to be a routine for a majority….even for me. The rush to get to work…it’s maddening especially when you stay in a crowded city. Yet, the awesome Bengaluru weather makes up for it and allows me to seamlessly transfer my daytime office look to a nighttime party ensemble within no time. Pssst. A majority of my friends think I take ages to doll up. That is not the truth! If you have your basics in place, you can change the formal office look into a hip party look in no time. Oh, and one of my must-have accessories are from AUrate New York. I just can’t get over their pretty chokers! Sigh!


Since I work independently, I can take a few liberties with my workwear. So, I chose a white shirt with a light design and comfortable trousers. Then, I suddenly got a call to attend a girl’s meet at the local cafe. Luckily, I had this floral blouse tucked away in my bag. All it took was a slight change and the addition of AUrate necklace added to the charm. The open blouse suits the ever changing weather and the delicate accessories caught the attention of my friends. Accessories and makeup are the key here.

(Shirt from Maycool.com, Trousers: peacock.co.uk, Footwear: H&M. )


This Saturday, I was out shopping for groceries late evening when I got a call for a party. Now, I was not in the mood to dress up in detail nor did I want to look drab. So, from the blue jeans and Tshirt, I just changed my top to that sparkly one. Dabbed on a bright shade of lipstick and finished the look with the detailed necklace from AUrate. Black heels are always tucked away in my wardrobe so I got ready in a jiffy. From grocery shopping to party hopping – all in a matter of minutes!

(Lipstick: Myntra.com, Top: AlieExpress.com)

“Did I mention that AUrate has a beautiful collection of rings, bracelets, earrings apart from necklaces as well?? Do take a look at their astounding collection!

In the meantime, do check out things you must avoid while on a shopping spree.



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