While I’ve been on a no-shopping diet for a couple of months….I guess I managed to pull through. Recently, I’ve visited the malls located quite a distance away from my home. The reason…well, I won a contest with Max Fashion. I had to check out the latest attire before splurging on the summer collection. More on this later….

You step into any Bangalore mall and it’s easy to feel a little confused with the varieties on display. Smooth talking well-dressed sales staff, the powerful window displays, the sweet fragrance of various perfumes in the air, the latest outfits on display…. It is so easy to feel like a kid in a candy shop.

That’s when I realized that I’d better watch what I buy to avoid making mistakes on a shopping spree. Here are some tips –

Prints, prints and more prints!

Some brands stock similar prints in different colors. So, you’ll find a range of kurtis, western tops and more in a burst of florals for example. The displays are so good, you’ll pick a whole lot and add it to your shopping cart. The rush in the trial room adds to the stress and you’ll probably try on clothes quickly, make the payment and go home with glee. 

Wait a moment. Breathe deeply. Stand in a quiet corner. Think how many items do you really need? You might have a similar print in your wardrobe anyway! Do you wish to splurge on one brand? It would be better if you opt for different items of other brands to have some flexibility and versatility in your wardrobe. Trust me, I have gone this path and I believe, you should be aware too!

Have a lot of items but nothing to match it?

Perfect scenario. I once fell in love with many funky pants. I ended up buying different prints. Only to realize there was nothing to match them with. Some fits need tops of the right length, color, fabric, and fit. When on a shopping spree, you need to consider what you want rather than accumulate trends that are never to be seen again. At least till you find the match. Or, so you think!


Madam, shop for an additional 1000 rs. and get 20% off

Don’t always fall for these schemes. It’s a trick to ensure you buy a little more. Question is, do you need it? Are they offering a gift that you honestly need? When such offers are made over the counter, you tend to spend a little bit more. You go home and realize you probably did not need the tops or Tshirts that you bought in order to save more.

Gosh! All those lipsticks….

Yeah, cosmetic shopping is exciting in the malls with the free trials and the makeover they offer. Loved the makeover? Wish to buy the products? Wait! It’s easy to get tempted with the product packaging and the offers available. Understand your requirements, whether you have time to use the products, and most importantly – whether you can use the products with the same skills as the makeover lady. Always check the date of manufacture. I was recently slipped a two-year-old Loreal lipstick at Shoppers’ Stop, Bangalore. I am certainly annoyed with myself for buying it in a hurry. I got to finish it up soon or exchange it. Let’s hope I get the same customer service I received at the time of the purchase. :-/

Have you made any shopping errors? Waiting to hear from you!


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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