Being a localite in Goa, India for over 20 years has it’s plus points. You are always on a holiday! However, one does need bread and butter (and jam in my case), so leaving Goa was necessary.

Tourists are often bombarded with different package deals for a luxurious stay in Goa. However, getting a good resort that promises what it advertises is also a little luck. When I brought my partner to the beautiful land of Goa, I did a lot of research to ensure we pick a good place that is truly value for money.

We picked Alcove Resort nestled on the rocky cliffs of little Vagator. The resort has pretty cottages (not the beach shacks) that overlook a gorgeous view of the sea. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for the standard rooms. Tiny steps lead you down to the beach. As you descend each step, don’t forget to absorb the beautiful visuals of the sea from that height. (The downside though are the hawkers right at the base of the steps.)

Little Vagator is a nice area for those who wish for a little peace and quiet without being away from the happening night life. Well, that is exactly how I like it! A little journey on the bike and you can access all the party going areas too.

If you want to opt for cuisine apart from the one served at Alcove, there’s a tiny shack right near the entrance. Mr. Philip was in charge of the place. You can try the fish curries and rice. Good food and masala fish fries. The parathas available for breakfast are a great option if you want a full meal before a biking trip. These are totally value for money. A nice little shop with groceries will ensure you have your bottles of mineral water. So, although you are in a remote area of Vagator, you are not totally isolated.

Ask for the Goan bread at Alcove resort. If you like it a lot, watch out for the poder (bread sellers) who deliver fresh bread in the morning and evening hours. If you hear a typical horn going ‘parp parp’, you’ll know it’s them!

The staff at Alcove is very helpful. The receptionist, Manager and seniors all went out of their way to ensure our stay was comfortable. They even handled rude travelers in our next cottage when they guests blasted music post-midnight. I do understand that the group wanted to ‘enjoy’ with ‘loud music’ but the staff was quick to make them aware that the volume was on a higher side.

The cottage where I stayed in overlooked the sea and the bar counter (!!!!). The room is large, spacious and includes its own verandah for a couple to eat in privacy. If you are looking out for an even more dynamic view, you can choose the dining area which also overlooks the sea. The sunset looks amazing from here!

There are a great number of eatouts around the place. Nothing too fancy but good food for sure. However, we did not like the fish thali at a place called ‘Fatimas’. Please do avoid it as it is pricey combined with bad service. Even the roadside hotels know to prepare a plate of delicious fish!

If you want to explore more, you can rent a bike for Rs. 250/- + during season time. There are many beaches to explore in the North side. So, apart from doing nothing, there’s plenty to do!

If you still want to do something different, the resort gives you the facility of the pool, table tennis, snooker, etc. Do check it out!

As usual, the shopoholic in me cannot be hidden for too long. I got some great bargains at the Anjuna beach entrance. A trip to the Anjuna flea market proved futile as it is way too pricey. Besides, the same stuff will be available at the entrance of the beach. However, if you want to get a feel of the market, then there’s no harm in casual browsing!

**Girls – on Arpora road, there’s a tiny shop (Soniya Special Dresses) adjacent to a house where a simple Goan lady named as Vidhya Dongrekar sells some amazing outfits. She has a tailor on board and the pretty stuff in her shop cannot miss the eye of a true shopaholic. I got an amazing doubled layered and dual shaded asymmetrical skirt that is stylish and unique. There were many color combinations available. I chose a quirky one – purple and green. Ruffled hats and bags also caught my eye. Truly better than the skirts I have seen being displayed at the malls. Any day! That’s what I call smart shopping! ** (This portion of the blog is dedicated to all my friends who wonder where do I shop and why!!!!)

I will continue my blog about Goa and give you some handy hints for shopping and food in the main city of Goa and my favourite – Panaji, which I fondly call, Panjim.

Till then, stay connected


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment and Mental Health.  

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