Lessons I Learned from a No-Shopping Diet

We’ve all been there. The diet charts are different for many. While some worry about the calories consumed, others are busy staring at shopping bills wondering, “Did I really buy that?” This blog is not a confession from a shopaholic, but a way to motivate others and help shop with a difference.

No-Shopping Diet? Well, Try it for Yourself!Deepika-Padukone3

1) Rummage through your Wardrobe

Take a look at the outfits sent to the back of your wardrobe. Bring out those dresses, shirts, accessories. Combine different garments and be innovative. A chunky necklace below the collar of a plain white shirt amps up the look of an otherwise boring outfit. Combine that bling jacket over a crisp kurta. Accessorize and create a new look.

2) Decide what you Need

Ever felt like shopping for that item which you think you’ll wear one of those days? That is one of the problem-areas which you need to tackle. Buy what you need and not what you like because it looks so gorgeous on that mannequin.

3) Bring out the Never-Used items

Aah! This will send you on a guilt-trip I’m sure. Bring out that long gown or the jumpsuit which you thought you would wear but never did. Understand how you can re-use them and remind yourself the next time you shop, you don’t have to buy the things you don’t need. These serve as a reminder of that rush you felt while shopping like never before.

4)Maintain a Focus

It’s easy to get carried away with the online shopping sites. Many times, you make that purchase because you thought it was cheap for Rs. 699. You may end up buying many such items and have a whopping bill in the end. And of course, you may purchase things you may never really use.

5) Understand why you are Shopping

It can be the lack of things or emotional disturbance. Find out if what you are doing is because you are feeling sad, angry or any other emotion. If it really matters, buy something small to pep up your mood. But, having a control over these reasons will make you understand why you need to curb those urges. Talk to a friend, read a book, reinvent your wardrobe. Be creative.

I hope these reasons will help you to implement the

No-Shopping diet once in a while. If you’ve tried this, I would love to know your realizations as well in the comments below.



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