Fashion to some is frivolous. It’s a waste of time. “Be good from within”, says one thought-provoking article. The truly beautiful person needs no fashion accessories. You are Not what you wear, holler some media columns.

I’m not against these thoughts. Yet, I have a mixed opinion. So, don’t misunderstand me here. 

We all know how important inner beauty is. Yes, without a beautiful personality, fashion is DSCN0347truly baseless. It’s so important to be nice from within to appear nice on the outside.

But, it’s wrong to be prejudiced about people who follow fashion. It’s not always a fashionable person is bad at heart. Or, is totally self-obsessed.

Fashion is an art. It’s about expressing yourself. This is not always about pleasing others. This is not always about generating a sale.

Fashion and style are individualistic. Yes, sometimes, fashionable people border dangerously on being fashionable and obsessed about their looks, their style, the way people should notice them. But hey, not everyone is like that.

Fashion designers sometimes create apparel which one may feel, “what, is that really meant to be worn?” To some designers, a model is like a canvas. The designer’s expression is not necessary bound to be accepted by the ‘normal fashion sensibilities’ as set by a society. I, for instance, would not either think of shopping a bizarre creation. But, that does not mean I should write a person off just because her/his designs don’t suit my fashion palette.

Some of the common prejudices I’ve heard along my journey of fashion –

1) Oops! She always thinks about fashion. Bad sign!

2) Fashion-conscious people don’t think about inner beauty

3) Fashion-savvy people spend a fortune on maintaining their wardrobe

4) Fashionable people must belong to a certain body type (Huh! Why!)

5) Fashionable people always want to go shopping!

I’m sure many of my readers understand what I am saying right here. Enough of the prejudices and let us appreciate the beauty of the fashion industry. Celebrate the good without being prejudiced!


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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