The Hindu festival of Dussera is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur in India. The day signifies the killing of Ravana by Lord Rama and is a symbol of the good that kills the evil after a long persistent wait and struggle. Dussera is a constant reminder that goodness prevails despite the dark nights one may experience.

The human mind is complex! I don’t think we can always define a person to be “good” or “evil.” We tend to label a person who has done bad deeds as “Bad” and those who have done good deeds as “Good.” Well, Lord Rama was the ideal person – a man filled with goodness, values, morals, and ethics. In reality, a “normal human” struggles to find this balance of Good and Evil within themselves consistently on a daily basis.

One of the definition mentions Good as, “having the required qualities, of a high standard.”

I’m sure you must have experienced it some time or at many points in your life. Some people may have performed good deeds and may have been “bad” to others. What does good signify? One of the definition mentions Good as, “having the required qualities, of a high standard.” That high standard just as Lord Rama exemplifies! While he was truly accomplished in every way, how does a normal human being be consistently good to another? That would be akin to a saint such as Mother Teresa who did everything for the good of others. How consistent can a human be in this desire to be good and fight the evil that stems in the mind?

There are people who perform bad deeds. And, then, there are people who perform bad deeds to have a realization that they did something that was…not so good. They are conscious of the behavior patterns and modify their actions to adopt new thinking. In this case, good also defines the ability to express empathy and for considering the needs of others above their own. This shift in perspective may take time for some. For others, it may require guidance.

Yet, there are some who refuse to choose to allow their goodness to flow through. They continue to exhibit their evil thoughts through their actions causing havoc to others. Those who allow this Evil to rule are often selfish in their behavior. They always put their own needs above others while being oblivious to the hurt they cause. If you talk sense to them, it would be as good as talking to a blank wall.

The battle between Lord Rama and Ravana took place ages ago. The tales continue to be told with each narrator adding their own exciting twists and turns. The stories are shared every year. The styles may change but the moral remains the same – Be consistent in your fight for justice and Good shall rule over Evil.

This Dussera, what are you doing to manage the internal battle of the Good and the Evil? How can you make the right choices by being consistent in your thoughts? Leave your comments below!


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment and Mental Health.  

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