Crop Top and skirt

Crop Top fashion tips and ideasThe crop top fashion trend has been on the fashion circuit for quite some time. It can be short or may kiss the waistline depending upon the length of the crop top. Crop tops for women are dependent upon the occasion and the type of attire in mind. Let’s check out crop top  fashion tips and the look 1 I’ve created for this blog. I personally love the crop top and skirt combo – comfort and style always rating high for me.

I’ve chosen a white crop top fashion trend that has a lovely frill accentuating the shoulders. This is an off-the-shoulder crop top fashion but it can be worn in a casual way as well. I’ve worked on the crop top and skirt fashion you’ll love particularly if you are not looking to display too much skin.

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Crop Top and Skirt Fashion – Look 1

Crop Top for Women

Crop tops can be shorter than this design here. The type you choose should be as per your comfort level. I prefer the one that ends a bit above my waistline. The reason I have chosen a crop top with a ruffle is to keep some movement in the look. Most crop tops are strappy and hug the body tightly which often makes us keep the crop top for special occasions only.

As an Indian fashion blogger who is conscious of the wardrobe essentials, I’ve always preferred designs that can be used in multiple ways.

I’ve often been asked how to wear a crop top without showing the stomach! I’ve chosen to wear the crop top with pencil skirt outfit that is comfortable for this purpose. Essentially, most women worry about the amount of skin that is shown so it all depends on the type of crop top you select and the combination you create.

Crop Top Fashion Tips

Crop top fashion tips

The crop top and skirt fashion is definitely tricky if you want to appear stylish, and not expose too much skin. You will definitely find a variety of crop tops either online or in stores. The trick here is to understand there are different types of crop tops and you need to select a design that flatters your own self.

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Focus on the length of the crop top: A crop top may reach your waistline, end above the waistline, cover only the bust area, or reach the mid-length of your stomach. To plan your look, you must first understand these lengths and find one that is best suitable for your personality.

Understand the different fits: If you’ve followed my blog, there’s a different crop top I’ve used before that is a slightly loose and falls gently above the waistline. In this blog, I’ve chosen a fitted one that comes with a frilly design to add some detail to the look. There are many crop tops that are quite figure-hugging whereas others are in a stretchy material that clings to the body snugly.

white crop top

White crop top with skirt

Purchase as per the occasion: I love the versatile crop top as it comes in different designs suitable for any occasion. You can plan your look with a crop top suitable for party wear, formal wear, casual wear, and even for a layered look.

Select the right design: Crop tops are available in a variety of designs, as well as plain colours. I’ve opted for solids as I find it easier to flaunt different looks using many ways to put together various looks.

Crop top with skirt

There are so many ways to wear a crop top as you can see. The fit, fabric, length, and style are all important to the way you style the crop top for every occasion.

Crop top with pencil skirt

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Crop top and skirt


Crop Top for Women

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Crop top and skirt

Looking for more ideas on the crop top fashion trend? Do stay tuned for the next post.

Crop Top: Myntra

Skirt: Max Fashion, Bangalore

Accessories: Lifestyle, Bangalore

Footwear: Ajio

Photographer: Hana Jade Hudain


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment, Fashion and Wellness for Women.  

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