Mirror Mirror on the Wall? Who is the calmest of all? Bring that internal change with Yoga and Meditation

International Yoga Day has gained so much attention worldwide since its conceptualization a couple of years ago. This is the time for all people who practice yoga and meditation to be united and celebrate the day! Yoga, often confused to be only an exercise to make you ‘bendier than your neighbour’, is also about cultivating a meditative mind. This meditative mind is what gives you the mental strength, a subject that is so often neglected and ignored.

I’m always keen to discuss mental health with people as this is so often taken for granted. In a highly competitive space, yoga and meditation are useful to bring a balance in the mind.

So often, we tend to miss working on the power of the mind while focusing on yoga and meditation techniques. The practice of Yoga to me is about creating new energies and working on existing ones while aligning our minds to make better decisions.

The mirror must reflect the person you aspire to be with a vision to go towards the path.

As an Indian fashion blogger, I get the chance to interact with women and men, many of whom are dealing with their own struggles and doubts. It is so necessary to be kind to people as so many are dealing with the problems we have no clue about. Meditation and mindfulness bring your attention to the current moment – here, we are cognizant about the situation and learn to weigh our thoughts before we speak.

The practice of yoga and meditation makes you take a look at your choices. If you’ve recently begun yoga or are practicing yoga and meditation, I’d like to ask you something.

  • Have you looked into the mirror yet?
  • What do you see?

So often, we are trying too hard, spending time criticizing others, our jobs, our friends, and so on. Meditation and mindfulness get you to look into the mirror and see yourself for what you are. You also learn self-acceptance is the key to most things in life. The benefits of yoga and meditation are so large, that you can easily skim through your problem-areas and learn to fix the situation to find better outcomes.

The mirror must reflect the person you aspire to be with a vision to go towards the path. The mirror must tell you to stop looking back – there is nothing there. Stop obsessing over the future. This mirror should show you your true self. One, where you accept yourself as a whole – yes, along with the tummy rolls, the imperfect body type, or the one who is yet to sort things out in life. On this note, I’m sharing a personal poem that I wrote.

We are all so busy with our own lives,

Wearing many masks, donning multiple hats,

probably living a life of lies.

In the race for life, we often forget to live,

Not realizing that we have so much to give.

If we give a little, how much more can we have?

A little more peace, a little more care?

We are so busy chasing illusions,

Pockets that remain filled,

But, our hearts are empty creations.

With not a care in the world,

nor the consequences that follow.

We are afraid to see,  

As everything seems so shallow.

So, what will the reality be?

It’s a time to rethink and realign,

To bring a change,

A change in self,

To start life again.

On International Yoga Day, I’d like you to make this change and be mindful about your life. You can choose any form of exercise you please. I love to use my yoga mat and stretch out to release all the problems I hold. I also love visiting the gym to get a different feel. It’s about using different areas to lend a new touch to your exercise routine. I personally have a strong preference for a clutter-free workout area as this gives me a feeling of contentment.

My Thoughts on the Yoga Mat

This International Yoga Day, I’d like you to think a little bit.

  • Focus on yourself – how can you make yourself better? What is your goal?
  • How can you help others?
  • What is the one thing that needs to change within you?
  • What’s stopping you from achieving your dreams?
  • When was the last time you honestly laughed till your stomach hurt?

Well, I can go on but I think you must be knowing what I’m writing about here. The benefits of yoga and meditation go far beyond the strength of the body, it’s the mind that controls it all. This International Yoga Day, I hope you reconnect with yourself to discover inner peace always.

Photographer: Hana Jade Hudain

Featured Image: Photo by Gesina Kunkel


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment and Mental Health.  

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