The past cannot be changed. What matters is our present that we hold in our hands. International Women’s Day does bring attention to women’s issues and is needed to bring forth Women’s empowerment. What we must not forget is the need to feel empowered all through the year.

I come from a background where I have seen women being told what to do and what not to do – either at work, how they behave, their aspirations, and even when they should have a child. When we speak about #BalanceforBetter, our aim is to create a gender-balanced approach in the boardroom and homes. What lies ahead is a tremendous task for women as well as men, who favour a gender-balanced approach. We are entering an exciting world of opportunities wherein so many avenues are opening up to women. Then, what is holding us back?

International Women’s Day 2019: Looking Ahead but being Pulled Behind?

In our society, women already have their plates full. They are expected to be the nurturer, giver, homemaker, mother, and in some cases, the breadwinner and all roles bundled into one. The thinking is ingrained in our minds about doing certain things and not having the capability of doing other things.

Where does the imbalance arise?

  • When your family says you cannot do this.
  • When your friends say you must not do this.
  • When your partner says you must not do this.
  • When you whisper to yourself that you cannot do this.

What can a Woman do to #BalanceforBetter?

  • Understand your areas of expertise
  • Know if you honestly want to do something, or is it the pressure that is mounting on you? (You may not want to work, and that is ok)
  • Always stand by your core values – your values are what will remain with you and demand that respect you deserve
  • Grab every opportunity that comes your way, stop telling yourself that you are not good enough
  • Be fearless with your choices to break the stereotypes
  • If things are difficult to manage, learn to outsource tasks. You need to stop micromanaging everything.
  • Always put yourself first, because if you are unhappy, people around you will also be unhappy.

While I am yet to see many companies stepping up to create a gender-balanced approach, a couple of firms have already declared their support. We cannot expect the world to change for us. We can trigger a change within us and empower one another. We need to stop the imbalance that is stored in our thinking patterns and work to alter our behaviour towards self.

We ourselves can play a better role in bringing a balance in our homes, work, and personal life. Women must no longer wait for something to change. You all know we hold the power we seek within us, then what’s stopping you?

We are all perfect with our imperfections, and it’s ok to make mistakes. Remember, some of us are flawed to perfection and that is acceptable! 🙂

Have a story to tell? Do share your #BalanceforBetter moment in the comments below.


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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