2015 has been quite a bit about travel. Whenever I am at the Bengaluru airport, for instance, I’ve always been motivated to be my stylish best. Why? Because, sometimes a wanderlust holiday wardrobe is one of THE motivating factors for me and a snazzy airport  does add to it. Sure beats the boredom of waiting for your flight to be announced. And for me, one’s personal style when matched with the comfort factor always adds a spring in my step. It should be chic, yet cozy. 

I’ve put together a few looks for my vision of a wanderlust holiday wardrobe. I am attempting here to keep it easy with multi-purpose outfits you can re-use to create different looks.



(Above) A comfortable skirt with side slits suits my style. This one is made from soft cotton. It can be turned casual with flats or team it up with a dressy top and heels for a function. Such flats, tops, skirts can be mix-and-matched easily. Purrfect for airport travel and I don’t have to worry about sudden functions to attend.
Buy this top here.

Colorful Caravan


(Above) I love dresses! This one is in soft cotton and an ankle length. It is loose, comfy and trendy. India is all about colors so I like to add some bright shades to liven up my day (and somebody else’s day as well) I added a chunky necklace, bright bracelet, and plain gladiator flats (yes, again flats as this makes commuting between airport lobbies easy). I dumped my extra luggage in a shoulder bag made of eco-friendly material and can be carried both sides. I anyway tend to carry too many bags so excluded them out of these pics!

Sleek and Stylish


(Above) Aah! Leopard print to jazz up my every boring black leggings (but ever important ones). This top is slighlty loose with breathable fabric and super comfy. I added black boots to the look to battle a slight chill. Airports can get chilly for people like me. Tied my hair in a bun as constant traveling can lead to bad-hair days. This top can be reused as a dress for a romantic night out! 

Bright and Beautiful


(Above) Baby! You’re too funky for me. I stitched my Instant Batik dupatta (Long scarf known as dupatta in India) into a dress. Worn with a racer back top and (yet again!) my leggings, I paired it up with comfortable wedges. A chunky necklace is thrown over the dress and I have something that is loose yet comfy and eye-catching.

I always remember to carry cardigans and jackets whenever I travel. However, it is so difficult to find trendy jackets. But I came across some interesting comfy pants and hooded jackets especially meant for frequent travelers. Look below to understand what I mean! 

Perfect Blend – Elegance and Comfort


Betabrand offers some amazing collections for people who love to travel in style without compromising on their comfort. Their color schemes are muted yet so interesting and elegant. They are a break-through from the boring designs I’ve seen being labelled as ‘comfy’.

I loved this brand as it offers the perfect Wanderlust Holiday Wardrobe for women and men. They have functional and fashionable pieces – skirts, tops, jackets, trousers, and their signature women’s pants and  red-eye wrap! Check it out, folks! I am already drooling over their collection. Pssst…. they ship worldwide!!”

Let me know about your favorite airport fashion garment, celebrity who perfected this look, or must-have accessory. Hop on to my Facebook page to stay updated. Please hit the Like button or share this blog :-)


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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