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The last couple of months have been ruled by the situation that has arisen due to the coronavirus outbreak. The sudden lockdown and the mayhem that followed is best left unspoken. As a Bangalore-based fashion blogger, I’ve seen this busy city brought to a halt with the coronavirus pandemic. The long queues on the highways diminished to a couple of vehicles on the once-crowded Bangalore roads. 

The lockdown created its own set of problems for women (and, men too.) The need to juggle a household routine along with a work-from-home profile and children (in some cases) has led to self-neglect and ignorance of one’s own needs. I am guilty of this, too! This is why I thought I’d share a Lockdown self-care routine that goes beyond spas and salons! 

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5 Ways to Care for Self during the Coronavirus Lockdown

  1. Make a list of your goals

You may wonder why goals? Now? In this phase? You can set goals to achieve short-term results. It can be as simple as signing up for a class. It can be building a career plan. Having a list in hand acts as a reminder to keep your motivation in place. You can always view, check, and change your goals every week.

  1. Build a routine with discipline

A routine is one of the ways you can achieve goals, complete tasks on time, and bring a sense of contentment every day. When you build a routine, you give yourself an opportunity to set goals for the day while accomplishing them. Begin your day as you would while working in an office. Plan a routine around your exercise, food habits, work, and household duties. The key is to maintain this routine which you can even let go by the weekend! That helps to add some creativity as routines can become dull, sometimes! 


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Self-reflection space
It is time to step out? No! Not yet!

3. Declutter

You may already be swamped with a lot of housework. It’s important to keep your space clutter-free to keep your space healthy and happy. If you keep things in its place, you no longer spend time searching for it. The space around you has an effect on your mental well-being as well. So, keeping your space neat and tidy will raise your optimism levels while making it easier for you to manage your household chores.

4. Dress up!

I know we all are at home. That shouldn’t stop you from dressing up and feeling good about yourself. Wear your favourite outfit! Spray that perfume! It may not be the perfect solution, but, you are bound to feel a little happier once you try it. I wore my favourite outfit and felt good for the day!

  1. Build the connections

If you’ve always been busy, take time to build connections with your friends and colleagues. Call up, talk to them, connect! I know you have lots of work but that shouldn’t stop you from connecting with your friends.

I have an additional tip for you. As we are constantly consuming things online, do take some time to disconnect from the online space. Make time to connect with yourself.

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Photographs: Shounak Kelkar

Outfit: Bangalore Central

Bag: RMZ Galleria Mall, Bangalore

Footwear: Westside, Bangalore


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