Art You Can Carry on Your Shoulder!

What do you think of these Instant Batik handbags? Contains one zip and inner pocket and ideal to dump your stuff!  Acts as a good travel companion.

The one in blue is painted by me and the bag in brown  (R) is designed by my Mom!


Trendy bags: Instant Batik and Tie-and-Paint medium


Basking in the sun after a day’s hard work!


Fashion Mingles with Art

I’m honestly excited! At last, our collection of Instant Batik handbags are ready. I am not even sure if I would want to sell them as I am a hopeless shopoholic myself! Designed by my Mom – Asmita Lad, the process of creation requires meticulous attention to detail. 

Our current collection includes bags in the Instant Batik process and Instant Tie and Paint. Easy to wash, the colors do not bleed. So, what’s stopping you from owning this lovely work of art? It’s art you can incorporate in your daily life! 

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