Every time we take a wise step before we splurge on clothing, we help a large community of people, the environment, and the ecosystem. Over the years, I have realized the importance of making wiser decisions when it comes to shopping for clothing or beauty products. Many of my readers already know about my efforts to create awareness about the presence of harmful chemicals in commonly used products.

A brilliant design in handwoven fabric by Nool
A brilliant design in handwoven fabric by Nool

However, we all know that the handloom industry in India is on a decline. If there is anything I can do to support it, I will, without further doubt. When we buyers, shop mass-produced goods, our artisans get discouraged every single day. With the advent of the power looms, handloom fabrics and handcrafted designs have been relegated to the background.

In in my quest to find handwoven fabrics and designs, I was pleasantly surprised with one brand. This firm offers fresh designs, to woo the modern woman. Their contemporary designs in handwoven cotton have great silhouettes, and innovative methods to ensure they are a step ahead in the handloom industry. Moreover, even better, they work with artisans to improve their standard of living and have given them many reasons to smile. Read on for more!

Meet Nool By Hand

Nool By Hand’ is a breath of fresh air on the design circuit. Each garment created by this brand unfolds the story of Chennimalai. The weavers of Chennimalai create the handloom fabrics that are customized and designed by experts in the industry. These designs are heirlooms, and every shopaholic will be proud to own such an exclusive garment. Also, hey, don’t you think that handlooms are only about sarees. While sarees are gorgeous, you must check out the uber-cool designs that no other brand can offer. ‘Nool by Hand’ provides an international standard facility and the firm works with various designers all over the world.

‘Nool By Hand’ stocks shirts, tunics, fitting mini-skirts, flare skirts, indigo types of denim, Indian wear such as Ikat Anarkali,  kurtas, and a whole lot more in cotton and linen. They pay attention to detail by making women’s wear desirable and flattering with beautiful detailing. Their designs, when adorned, will make a woman feel sensual without compromising on her modesty. (Oh! I have been waiting for something like this for so long!) Nool is being manufactured at Five P Venture.

Latest Designs to Watch out for-

Their range of Indigo types of denim is fresh, trendy, and really in sync with the demands of fashionistas all over the globe. Their knee length dresses have a chic appeal and are extremely comfortable due to the handwoven fabric. I would say, their star items are the printed indigo denim that should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

The Story behind Five P Venture

Five P Venture manufactures the beautiful creations of Nool by Hand. The former is a handloom fabric manufacturing company that began with a magnificent vision – to revive the Chennimalai cluster. All the fabrics are woven by hand using traditional and eco-friendly methods. Once a thriving village, Chennimalai weavers (Tamil Nadu, India) boasted of the most exquisite handloom designs. However, the threat of commercialization led to a decline in the number of weavers. The power looms long replaced the handlooms. It was only in 2012, when Mr. Devarajan (Chairman) and Mr. Sampath Kasirajan (MD), along with trusted friends and associates came together, a change began to happen. A business venture took place with a focus on preserving India’s heritage and also giving back some love to the community. Thus began the manufacturing of beautiful fabrics and designs to meet the demands of the fashion-conscious buyers using eco-friendly methods.

One of the main missing factors in handlooms was the lack of modern appeal to woo every kind of customer. With the help of technical experts in the industry, Five P soon began the process of sourcing raw materials and worked diligently with the weavers and Australian designers to produce patterns that are contemporary.  Their development center now makes it easy to weave fabrics, dye it, and stitch the garment at one site. This ensures the artisans in Chennimalai have a continuous work demand, leading to an improved standard of living. Once a major hub for jacquard fabrics, Chennimalai now has artisans who have a renewed hope to continue doing the work they once loved. What started as a handloom initiative is now providing attractive and contemporary designs made at an international standard facility.

The Cool Quotient Behind Nool

When you buy a Nool By Hand Product, you also do the following –

  • Offer a strong support to Weavers from the village of Chennimalai
  • Improve the Standard of Living of the Weavers
  • Encourage the Handloom Weaving Community for the Next Generations
  • Help the Environment by Purchasing Eco-Friendly Fabrics
  • Flaunt Heirlooms that have a Timeless Appeal
  • Preserve the Handloom Tradition
  • Flaunt western designs with a touch of eastern skill

It is high time we move away from fast fashion that is mass-produced. (Remember what instant noodles can do to you!?!! :-)) I know that I found a perfect shopping destination where I will feel proud every time I shop! When I buy a Nool product, each garment will hold an extraordinary story about the Chennimalai weavers.

The power to choose lies in your hands. Drop by on their Facebook page to see their latest collections.

How to Order: Send a message on their Facebook page with the design of your choice. (Website under construction). Watch this space for details.

Delivery: Fast delivery and available all across India.

Exchange Policy: Returns within seven days if the price tag is kept intact.

Shopping in Stilettos Recommends: Elegant western dresses and their Indigo Denims – both are a head-turner.

The gorgeous green dress in handwoven fabric
The gorgeous green dress in handwoven fabric
Stunning palazzo teamed with an elegant top by Nool
Stunning palazzo teamed with an elegant top by Nool
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