Brass Items

I find it fun to browse around local art and craft exhibitions! It’s not overpriced like the malls and you get to interact with the real artisans….not traders who only know to market the products. Here, you can bargain and fight for the item you love! And hey, if you are lucky enough, you may just get it for the price you want.

I loved the little brass items. The idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are also done with some fine detailing. I’ve been to many such places in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. However, the thirst to find a good bargain always pulls me towards this. It’s like a culmination of various states of India, under one roof. The colors of Gujrat, accessories of Odisha, brass items, Kolkatta sarees (Indian garment)…..sigh!!

Is it time for me to shop already….(!!) 🙂

Close Up of Brass Vessels


Author: Kashmira Lad

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