Every artist loves appreciation. But it is greater joy to see your work being purchased by lovers of art. It’s fantastic to know your hard work is out there, framed, adding beauty to the interiors of a house or a commercial space.

We’ve been fortunate to meet many buyers across the world when our family was settled in Goa, a small but beautiful state in India. The art purchasers even sent us photographs of the paintings that were hung in their home. This was at the time when digital cameras were not existing and photographs were sent by snail mail! I wish I had saved those letters!

Instant Batik art on cloth. Unframed. Available at

My mom has been busy painting again and I am here to bridge that gap between the buyer and the artist. I am glad that I can now publicize her work online.

The painting you see in the photo is done on cloth. Trust me, it does get difficult to paint on cloth although most people believe that true art is only on canvas. The process is again, Instant Batik with the use of hot wax. This is not possible in the old style of Batik that is done in Rajasthan or Gujrat in India. The scene is based on a photograph that i had clicked in the green lanes of Panaji, the capital city of Goa.

More in the next blog! Hope to see you soon.


Author: Kashmira Lad

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