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Diwali is almost here and there’s more to dressing, cleaning and sprucing up the house, food, and goodies that can bring in a festive cheer. It’s also about detoxifying your mind…

It’s the overall buzz that gets me excited! The preparation begins weeks in advance with house cleaning and the wave of change in the atmosphere. Diwali means new beginnings, great food, family, friends, and many different things for different people. Yes, and as an Indian Fashion Blogger, it’s also about Diwali fashion to some!

But, what is more important than merely house cleaning is the awareness of the need to declutter your mind. We carry so many thoughts in our head ever since we can remember. As we grow up, these thoughts seem to lean towards many different things that may even confuse our goals and vision.

Photo: Shounak Kelkar

It’s about something someone said. It can be a family pressure. It could be your work goals. There’s so much happening right here in the mind. 

Your mind – it’s amazing how much it can control you. You actually start believing it as you get accustomed to it. You think, “I can’t do this because I’ll never succeed.” Why? Because, “He said I can’t do it.”

Sounds familiar? 

Our mind plays these tricks so often and we don’t even realize it. The mind is like a control switch, it decides when to make us happy, and when to believe untruths others say about us.

Which is why, your mental makeup is so important this Diwali. It’s time to declutter your mind, home, and soul.

Photo: Hana Jade Hudain
Photo: Hana Jade Hudain
Photo: Hana Jade Hudain
Photo: Hana Jade Hudain

5 Ways to Declutter your Mind 

1. Meditate

Meditating is a great way to connect with your inner self. It gives you the power to notice your thoughts and choose them appropriately. Meditation brings an awareness to your body, mind, and soul. You also learn to forgive others, and most importantly, yourself. You develop a stronger focus on what you can do rather than focusing on the “can’t”. A great way to declutter your mind! 

Photo: Hana Jade Hudain

2) Maintain a notebook

Photo: Hana Jade Hudain

Your mind is already loaded with thoughts and penning them down helps to declutter your mind. It’s easier to deal with situations when you get clarity after writing the thoughts down. You can work on a plan to understand what are the things you can change. You’ll even know what things are beyond your control, so why worry!

3) Slowing Down

Photo: Shounak Kelkar

I know it is a fast-paced world. You don’t need to do what everyone is doing. Take time to listen to yourself. Slow down…That’s it. Bring a focus on what you are doing now. Avoid adding too much in one day and you’ll be surprised how quickly you finish tasks with a peaceful state of mind.

4) Set Goals

Photo: Shounak Kelkar

You may have noticed that our mind travels in many directions. Setting goals for the next couple of months or even weeks will help to keep your focus on the things you need to do. This means, you stop worrying about things that don’t matter. It’s fine even if you don’t have an idea about your goal. Take time off to understand yourself and love yourself some more.

5) Get your beauty sleep

Photo: Hana Jade Hudain

The thinking levels also go all over the place when you don’t sleep well enough. Get a good night’s sleep and you’ll notice the difference. That’s something our furry friends (cats!) can teach us 🙂

Here’s one thing I can vouch for! The cleaning of the house is also a great way to declutter your mind. Your mind will function better without too much clutter as you let go of things you do not need.  

So, are you ready to welcome new thoughts that define a new you? How does it feel to declutter your mind, home, and soul? Do let me know in the comments below.

Diwali Fashion Dress

Photo: Shounak Kelkar

I’ve opted for pastels as I am inclined towards a minimalistic approach. What’s your Diwali dress all about? Have a story to share? Do write to

Photographer: Shounak Kelkar and Hana Jade Hudain

Outfit: Indya, Bangalore

Accessories: Local boutique

Footwear: Central, Bangalore

Mood: Mindful

Photo: Hana Jade Hudain
Photo: Hana Jade Hudain


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment and Mental Health.  

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