In the world of fashion blogging, change is the only constant.

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We often strive to create the right image of ourselves about how we want the world to perceive us. Yet, at times, fashion bloggers or even people from different industries are perceived in an entirely different way. Which means, your image or content is misinterpreted by a reader to create a different reality about you. A reality that is entirely untrue. 

As an Indian fashion blogger, my blog has been about my personal style as well as creation of blogs aimed at body positivity. We love wearing clothes that highlight the best regions of our body while concealing a part that we are not so comfortable with. Fashion is a feeling, an expression of self. It’s about how you carry yourself being comfortable and feeling like a rock star in order to love who you are.

In this journey though, fashion bloggers are misunderstood as being highly fashionable with a display of selfish behavior. This however, is a generalized opinion wherein not every blogger creates a feed only to display or “show-off” a side they are not. Whether a person is “Page 3” or not, it is entirely a person’s decision. What hurts is when people do not read the content behind my posts that are not always aiming to make people buy clothes. I’ve been strong headed about reusing and rewearing and have always mentioned this in most of my posts. I am a wise shopper and would love my readers to use their wardrobe and create new looks with existing garments. There’s been a focus on improving mental health as the beauty industry can be quite cruel as well. 

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What hurts is when fashion bloggers are considered as “selfish” and are labelled as those who manipulate people because a certain style of dressing is considered “inappropriate” by few individuals. 

Yes, Indian fashion bloggers do have sponsored posts. Like every individual, a blogger also needs to sustain in the industry. So, it’s natural!

I have been feeling upset that fashion bloggers have been categorized as “Page 3” material who are “insensitive” and “money hoarders.” Again, that’s an entirely individualistic perception about “Page 3” women while stereotyping this category and creating silly labels.

I’m not the kind to argue or engage in verbal discussions. I do not think I can even explain this in person. If you have reached this sentence in the blog so far, I request you to be a bit kind towards fashion bloggers. Yes, some do it for passion. Some do it for money. Some blog about personal struggles. Some are “Page 3” material. Can you accept the person and stop judging please?

Fashion is not about hiding behind your insecurities. It’s about self-expression. It”s about baring a bit of your soul. It’s about being who you are without anything holding you back!


Kashmira Lad

Bangalore Fashion Blogger

Bangalore Fashion Blogger
Kashmira Lad
Indian Blogger Kashmira Lad
Fashion Blogger in Bangalore

Photographer: Shounak Kelkar

Outfit: Max Fashion, Bangalore


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment, Fashion and Wellness for Women.  

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