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There are things no one tells you about being a Fashion Blogger!

These are the blogger truths. If you are a blogger, you already know them. If you are curious about what I do, here’s the truth. 

A full-time blogger is more than getting your photographs clicked and uploading it online. Oh, yes, waiting for the likes (Facebook and Insta algorithms are making it difficult of course!). You have one of the best jobs in the world and you cannot complain about it! Yet, bloggers, and well, Indian fashion bloggers, have a lot going on. There are many things bloggers won’t tell you, but let me just tell you the things that go behind the scenes…

5 Confessions of being a Bangalore Fashion Blogger

  1. Working from home sometimes makes you anti-social

I love my space. I do miss my wonderful colleagues, but hey, it’s good to have your own private space and work. It’s a ball, but, wait. Sometimes, this may make you feel slightly anti-social. I mean, you get used to writing, reading, and talking to your cat. Duh!

2. You get used to people staring at you while you are working 

Well! It’s not always easy to get your photographs clicked in a public spot. When I started, I remember some people mocking me. But, you must remember to drown out the voices. There will also be people who click your pictures. (Wait, what?) That’s not done! But, you learn to deal with it.

Bangalore Fashion Blogger

3. You are constantly worried about the clouds in the sky

Too many clouds and poof! You look like you are in constant gloom. Too much sun? Arrgh! It’s like a brightly lit party happening there. A shoot in the outdoors and you are completely dependent upon the colour of the sky.

4. You can’t date because wait, anyone can find out about you

Dating apps with creeps can make any blogger nervous. It takes a little bit of using Google and voila! Your details are out in an instant! 

Top Indian Fashion Blogger

5. You struggle with the backend work and want to cry like a toddler

Server error, blog design edits, photo edits, content creation, and more! You know it’s tough and hey, you love every bit of it! There’s a whole lot of work behind the curated blog photographs!

Indian Fashion Blogger
Kashmira Lad
Kashmira Lad

I’ve also gotten so many questions being asked to me for being an Indian Fashion Blogger. Here are my answers! 

  1. Question: Do you always wear Makeup?

Answer: Ah well, don’t you? I thought you were already wearing some!

2) Question: Do you Photoshop your images often?

Answer: Not really, but you might need some photoshop in real life. 

3) Question: Why don’t you get professional lights?

Answer: Why don’t you switch on the bulb inside your head?

4) Question: Why don’t you wear heels?

Answer: Why are you even talking to me?

5) Question: Why don’t you wear flats?

Answer: It’s easier to run away from people like you.

6) Question: Why do you use red lipstick?

Answer: It’s a warning sign to keep away from me.

7) Question: Is that your boyfriend? (points to the photographer)

Answer: No, but what would you take to shut your mouth?

8) Question: Why do you have a pimple?

Answer: Why do you have a mouth? 

ROFL!! I can’t stop laughing!!
Bangalore Fashion Bloggers
Before you speak, think!!

If you’ve heard questions such as these, do write to me in the comments!

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Photographer: Nitin Chauhan

Outfit: Shein


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment and Mental Health.  

2 Replies to “5 Confessions of an Indian Fashion Blogger”

  1. Nicolle says: November 22, 2019 at 5:52 am

    Wow thanks for sharing. I can totally relate with this. It’s not until I read it that I realised.

    1. Kashmira Lad says: November 22, 2019 at 10:14 am

      Thank you! I am sure you have interesting experiences as well! Would love to read


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