If you have been looking for a red dress online or in stores, well, trust me the hunt for the perfect one can lead to excitement and disappointment. The moment I’ve tried to buy a red dress online, it’s been an explosion of designs, right from the colours to the shape, length and so much more. Ladies! I know you are on the hunt for the red dress with Valentine’s Day fast approaching and personally speaking, I wouldn’t wait for this day to flaunt one. But, I’d definitely leave you with some quick tips to dress up this Valentine’s day without spending too much!

Red is a powerful colour. Did you know a woman wearing red is considered to be more sexually attractive?

Well, that’s what the fashion pundits say! Personally speaking, it’s all in your mind.

Red exudes that kind of confidence which can definitely cause heads to turn. A red dress should be on your list if you haven’t added one to your wardrobe, yet!

Looking to Buy a Red Dress? Find the Perfect One with these Tips

1. Pick the Right Shade of Red

I know my male friends often get annoyed when I mention the various shades of a colour. A red dress is flaming red, it can be a vermillion red, a crimson red, a deeper shade of maroon, and more. Find a shade that best suits your complexion. The shade should reflect your individual style.

2. Select the Most Suitable Style

The occasion plays an important role while buying a red dress. If it’s a date, you might want to pick something dressy and flirty. If you are planning this for an event, you can opt for a figure hugging dress with a modest neckline. There are also gowns that flow to your ankles or you can opt for a bodycon dress. You also need to ensure the colour you have selected goes with the style. A flaming red dress will look better as a short red dress if you don’t want the red to overpower your look.

3. Know the Purpose of Purchase

You might have purchased a red dress for this Valentine’s Day, but what is most important here is how ‘wearable’ is your red dress? Always select a smart design you can wear for multiple occasions and combine with accessories to tone it down. Smart shopping adds the flexible factor to your wardrobe giving you more options to make the most of your red dress!

Tips to Flaunt the Red Dress

  1. Makeup plays an important role. Always select a nude lipstick and play around with your eye makeup if you wish to tone it down. In this blog, I’ve preferred to go for bold lips while toning the rest of the elements down. You can view my other red gown which is styled in a simplistic manner or the cold shoulder red dress. The choice is entirely with you!

2. Combine with nude heels to play it safe. Else, you can opt for floral prints if your dress does not have any print or embellishments.

3. Wear your attitude with confidence. The red dress will look great if you can flaunt it with the right attitude and the perfect walk to match!

If you have already shopped this Valentine’s Day, I’d like to see what’s your favourite pick. Do add your comments below.

Photographer: Hana Jade Hudain

Dress: Code by Lifestyle

Heels: Payless, Mangalore

Jacket: Myntra

Earrings: Lifestyle, Bangalore

Woolen Cap: Street Shopping, Bangalore

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Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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