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Fashion is often inherent in many young girls. However, selecting an individual style and compiling a fashion wardrobe can be a daunting task for some. It’s important to note that expressing yourself in your own individual way is very necessary to make an impression.  This helps you to know who you want to become and how you want to present yourself for the world to see. A great way to do this is by developing your own fashion sense. The way you dress daily helps you to create your own persona and also create the impression you want the world to see about you. Putting together beautiful outfits can be difficult most of the times, so here are some fashion tips to help you have a great wardrobe collection.

Big Boots

Big boots can be a tricky fashion item to style, but it all depends on how you wear it. They are trendy, available in different styles and colors, and can be paired with almost any outfit. You can pair with a skinny jean, short dress, leggings, and even a short skirt. For e.g., if it is an ankle boot and your boyfriend/skinny jean is too long, it can  obstruct the natural style of the boot. Here’s what you can do! Fold the hem of the jean inward so it appears like a perfect fit instead of just folding it outward.


Sporting glasses are a major style statement over the past years. Glasses are a great way to add a unique touch to the style you wish to create. You can transform your overall look with a pair of glasses or just give it a slight edge. However, it takes the right pair of glasses to be able to achieve the particular look you desire. So, you have to first identify your face shape, determine whether it’s oblong, round, diamond, oval, or square, and choose the right pair of glasses that best suits your face.

Basic Vests

Vests are not just a piece of clothing but are also beautiful clothing items  every young girl should have. Black, white, and grey being the most popular and versatile ones will make a great addition to your fashion wardrobe. They can be worn in summer during hot weathers because of their light, loose, and soft texture. They can also be worn as an inner clothing and paired with a plain jacket or a denim jacket during the winter time to keep you warm in the cold.


Leggings is yet another clothing item you can use to make a gorgeous fashion statement. They can be worn in any type of weather and can be paired with anything! Flaunt trendy leggings with sweaters, sweatshirts, short dresses, denim shirts, short skirts, long tops and many more. However it is important to get leggings that are of high quality and are not see-through. Remember, girls! Leggings are not jeans so you have to purchase original ones. There is nothing worse than a see-through legging that reveals more than it should and puts your modesty on display. Did you know, “Folsom and co free leggings” is a tested and trusted company that sells beautiful leggings of the  highest quality? So when you buy from “Folsom And Co”, you know you are investing in quality leggings.

Classic Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are another must-have fashion accessory. There are variety of designs and colors to choose from. You can decide to go for a fitted denim jacket or a denim jacket that is a little bit bigger than your normal size i.e. the oversized denim jacket.  Either styles look great when paired with other clothing. You can wear the jacket over a short dress with a flare such as a skater dress or a fitted bodycon dress, over a pair of black or matching denim, or even as a jacket over a basic vest as mentioned above.


Bracelets or hand bands are great fashion accessories you can use to style your wrist and make a stunning fashion statement as a young girl. You can mix and match the different bracelets you have. Keep a collection of simple bracelets to elegant ones as bracelets will add an eclectic touch to your look.


Another great and natural accessory you own is your hair. You can decide to change your hairstyle or style it in a particular way for different outings, or just to transform your look for a particular day/period of time. As a young girl, you have the freedom to try out and explore new hairstyles that suit your face structure. So, go ahead, girl!

Single or Layered Necklaces

Necklaces help to add the perfect finishing touch to every young girl’s outfit. These stylish pieces help to enhance the neckline and makes a beautiful addition to your already stunning outfit. You can choose to use a single and simple one when your outfit is already glamorous enough or just opt in for the layered one to add a touch of glamour to your simple outfit.


Makeup is a must for most young girls to own! Makeup is used to alter or modify your facial appearance in order to give you a more beautiful appearance or add a different look to your outfit. There are different makeups for different occasions like Halloween, Christmas, prom, and normal school days. You can learn more by watching YouTube videos and practicing with your face, but always remember that “less is more.”

Matching Colors

Choosing the perfect outfit to wear is a difficult task on its own. What’s more difficult is choosing the ones with colors that match perfectly. You can select the main color you want to wear and then team it up with other matching colors. For example, a yellow top might be the main color that is your focus. You can match it with black skinny jeans. Just be sure to avoid a loud clash of colors.

As a young girl, you have ample time to experiment and find your fashion style. So, take your time to explore and enjoy the wonderful world of  fashion. You can even create your own individual style and define a personal fashion identity as long as it feels great and comfortable and speaks all about your personality .


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