Fitness, a habit?Why?

The year 2017 brought with it a bag full of challenges on the personal front. Work-wise, I’ve always been the one to be deeply motivated no matter what life throws at me. But my personal life? That took a beating.

I made the move to an entirely new city of Bengaluru.  I started a new life placing faith in the unknown, an empty bag with hope!

What went wrong? Plenty I can say!

As a content specialist, I’m actually hunting for the right words now. Always the “dependable one” (read Rahul Dravid). Here I was – the superwoman. Always working and never having enough time for myself.

A lover of Yoga, I couldn’t believe when I ended up with a nagging lower back pain mid 2017. My life started tumbling down. This hurt my dreams and the fact that I needed complete rest was the scariest thing I ever heard. Why? Because, I’ve always been working!

“Wow – can this year get any better?” I mumbled.

I’ll tell you what went wrong.

Fitness should not be something to be taken lightly or to be obsessed about to the point of worry. Fitness is a lifestyle.

5 reasons to make fitness a habit

  1. You have to exercise. It’s never too late to begin
  2. You have to be fit. This is not about being curvy or thin, this is about being FIT
  3. You want to enjoy all the things in life
  4. You need to be fit enough to work
  5. Because, you must workout just like you remember to eat

Tips to make fitness a Habit

  1. Set Small Goals

When I mean goals, I don’t mean to flaunt a tiny waist or a thigh gap. Trust me, I am not against thigh gaps, I do have them myself!. Set achievable goals if you struggle to exercise initially. Plan a routine of 10-15 minutes to begin with and do it with dedication.

2. Hire a Personal Trainer

Ok, so, I am new to Bangalore and certainly don’t know people here. But then, I discovered sites such as Gympik, that allow you to select a fitness routine of your choice or hire a personal trainer. It’s like the Myntra of shopping. A personal trainer keeps track of your routine and is a source for motivation indeed. Consider it as an investment for your health.

3. Find a Routine you Love

Do what you love and love what you do. Why is this so important? Fitness routines must not be hated. This should be about loving it and knowing what you are doing is for your benefit. Take it easy and be kind to yourself.

4. Prioritise it

Yes, we know we have our deadlines. You are accountable for your own life. You have to decide your priorities. I love my work. I love myself a little bit more. If you’re fit, only then can you chase your dreams.

5. Stop giving excuses

“I don’t have time,” ” I chase deadlines.”

Sounds familiar?  You work everyday. You eat everyday. Do  you feel the same commitment towards your exercise routine? Mostly, not. Because, you think you can afford to skip it. You’ll do it some other day. #Whatever. All you have been doing now is finding excuses. Just as you find time to eat, you should find time for your fitness mantra.  Prioritize it-NOW.

6. Fix that Problem-Area

What are the hurdles in your fitness routine? Is your office located away from your residence? Either change your residence or your job. Are you overloaded with work? Learn the fine art of saying no. You don’t have to do everything that lands in your plate.

I found my problem-area. I spent hours working in front of my computer screen. Now, I take frequent breaks without worrying  what people say.

Remember, your mental wellbeing is as important as your physical wellbeing. Unless you make fitness a habit, you won’t see the results. Work on it every single day. That’s the only way to make it a habit.

How will you make fitness a habit this New Year?

This article is written as a part of Gympik Fit-A-Thon contest and should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. Gympik is not responsible for any kind of infringement caused.

Thank you, #Gympik



Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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