Ok, so this is the term everyone is using. Including me. We all want it. The perfect life. The perfect job. Enough time during the day to pursue our passion. Before we know it, we just realize that we may not be the lucky ones. Thus begins the cribbing about the lack of time for our personal goals.

I am not the best person when it comes to ‘managing my life well’. I used to be, but, not anymore. Sometimes, we take some decisions that hamper us in the long run. They break you down, make you doubt yourself, and even make you stress over the things you once loved doing. Sounds scary? Well, yeah, it is. But, there’s surely a way if you try harder.girl-429380_960_720

Take your Decisions and Own Them

Despite that fact that you may be in self-doubt, remember everything happens for a reason. The wrong decision you took taught you a lesson well learned. It does not mean every other decision will pull you down. Trust your instinct. Even if you can’t see the result. Let’s put an end to what people say. They are anyway going to b***** behind your back. Let them! 

Enjoy the Current Season

Yeah, it is damn hot in India. Learn to enjoy every season. Find something that you love doing. For me, the summers are either meant for the beach or lazing at home. The cold season energizes me to step out into the outdoors. Find your comfort zone and you’ll find a kind of a beautiful balance in your life.

Practice Gratitude

No matter what you are going through….your manager may be giving you a hard time, or there’s too much turmoil in your mind. Practice gratitude to keep your mind at ease. There’s no point in stressing over things. Even if you work-from-home, I understand certain stresses will be there. Payments not coming on time or lack of motivation. Just relax! Happens to all of us. Be grateful and all will be well.

Love Yourself

It’s so important as we forget to love ourselves and what we do in this race for success. Do the things that bring you joy. You may not be able to find time on an everyday basis. But, you need not wait for ages to have fun. Let your hair down! Go, have your favorite foods. I’ve found spending time with nature to be the best ways to love myself and my surroundings. It has an amazing feeling.  

One of my favourite South Indian delicacies 

At present, I think I need to shop. It’s been months I have been on this no-shopping diet. (Hee hee…..I am trying to see if this work!)



Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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