So, this is my first post for the New Year. Now that all the partying is over, there’s no rush to search for partywear and the music has died down…..Sigh! Welcome to the New Year, post the party session. 🙂

It’s not uncommon to be completely pumped up before the 31st of December and then feel quite sluggish in the New Year week. Hey, that’s completely alright and, I think we all go through this phase. Jumping out of bed seems to be a struggle with the temperatures dipping. Although it isn’t snowing here, I still feel cold to leave the comfort of my heavy bedsheets and blankets. 

Yet, it’s the New Year, and we’ve promised ourselves a ‘New Me’. Certainly, we should be pumped up to fulfill those promises and raise our own expectations. So, we binged quite a bit on food loaded with calories. And, we swallowed an extra piece of cake without any guilt.  And, we thought it’ll all be okay once January 2017 begins.
So, how many of my readers have actually stuck onto their fitness resolutions? Now that we’ve pampered ourselves a tad too much in the holiday season, I think its high time we take good care of ourselves.

Here are my active lifestyle essentials that should push you to start your exercise regime in the New Year (if you haven’t already)… Stay right on track all through the year for a healthy and happy you. If you can’t find your motivation, read on some basic things you need to remember every day…

  1. Take Good Care of Yourself

    Take time out for yourself. Self-indulgence is okay once in a while
    Take time out for yourself. Self-indulgence is okay once in a while

It’s easy to be pulled into the regular routine once the New Year begins. We have our jobs to return to, rents to be paid, and bills piling up (remember, the extra splurging?!) Yet, this year, promise me, dear readers, you won’t wait for a special occasion to wear that pretty dress. Or, you won’t delay yourself that much-needed manicure or massage just to relax your body and mind. You need to take good care of yourself which adds value to each and every day. Don’t put your wellness as the last thing on your list. This year, let it be the highlight.

How do I motivate myself? Well, I keep a track in my personal diary and set some expectations myself. Besides, it’s nice to turn the pages to understand what you’ve done or missed during the month. 

2. Exercise Right

No, wait. I won’t bore you with the importance of having a workout routine. But, let me tell you… Your body is what you make of it. You might be thin, large, extra-large or that’s how the fashion world would label many of us. You got to exercise this entire year not because someone told you to, not because the nasty neighbor said something about your weight, but because you need to do it for you. Join a Yoga class, go for that walk, learn something new, swim a bit if the weather’s too hot…just do an activity. Don’t wait for the right moment but make sure that the moment is right for you.

How do I motivate myself? The answer to that lies in number 4. (If you have a different one, I’d love to hear…)

3. Watch what you Eat

I personally love a smashing breakfast and South Indian food tops my list. Seen in pic: Traditional Dosa with sambar and chutnet
I personally love a smashing breakfast and South Indian food tops my list. Seen in pic: Traditional Dosa with sambar and chutney

Pampering yourself is not just about a spa visit or a trip to your favorite destination. You can watch what you eat and save yourself a whole lot of trouble later on in the year. Ditch those fast foods, pre-cooked meals, and ready-to-eat packages. Eat right, eat fresh, eat well without any distractions. Savor every bite and practice gratitude. Your work can wait. Maintain the right timings for every meal and stick to your plan. Determination and willpower will get you there.

How do I motivate myself? I read, read, and read. I love to read on Yoga and make little notes for myself of those interesting bits of information. 

4. Splurge a little, dab on that lipstick, put on that stylish outfit

This New Year, don’t be too harsh on yourself. It’s all right to splurge a little once in a while. Ensure you invest in good quality clothing that lasts a long time. If you look good, you’ll feel good and that will add a spring in your step. As for me, I personally love the uber-cool activewear by Adore Me. Their Tshirts and joggers pants are perfect to boost my morale on days I find it difficult to jump out of bed. From solids to prints, they have a fantastic range for fitness lovers. P.S. Their sports bra sets are too cool to resist and that should be on your shopping list if you have already perfected those abs (another good reason to workout, right?)

I need no motivation for this. I’m a natural at it (shopping I meant). 

5. Keep your Worries at Bay

Coz I'm Happy: Being happy from within will solve half your worries
Coz I’m Happy: Being happy from within will solve half your worries

We have them all. Worries that tend to worry us all the time. Each time you feel this kind of anxiety taking over, just remind yourself that you are beautiful and worrying is never going to help you. While taking care of our physical fitness is vital, your mental fitness is equally important. So often, we tend to neglect this. Every time you feel that someone has let you down, each time you feel the tears drop down, remind yourself that it’s not worth it. You can’t give up now and you won’t. Because this New Year, you’ve promised yourself to treat yourself better and take good care of the new you.

How do I motivate myself? I have to keep reminding myself that all the worries hamper my health and interfere with the way I feel, and appear. Not to forget those ghastly pimples that speak about the strain I’m enduring as they pop up all over my face.

It’s easy to post social media updates about a New You, but maintaining and having a certain discipline around it will take you further. I’d love to hear about your routines and what motivates you to workout, eat right, stay fashionable, and instill new habits for the New Year. Drop in your comments below. 

Adore Me strives to empower women to feel like their best selves and to instill self-confidence.  Check out their beautiful range of sleepwear, lingerie, and activewear on their website.



Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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