“This blogathon is supported by Woo, The most popular match-making app in India with a base of over 3.5 million users.”

All characters in this blog appear fictional but can be completely real. If you resemble any, it might be your imagination or entirely mine. 

Mr. Right?

Does he even exist?

Oh, yes! Indeedy do, he does. In the old classic tales where women paraded their gowns and men dressed up in their best attire as they tried to win the hearts of their love with an impeccable sense of style and good manners. These books portrayed the Mr. Right as THE person who will always save the damsel in distress (sometimes) or would go the extra mile to bring a smile on her pretty face. Those poetic words and promises made while watching the sun set. 

So, there he was. A figure in the past. A hazy one may be. Sometimes appearing in my dreams. At times, just staying inside the pages of my books. My Mr. Right should certainly know how to dance. And yes, he should have some cooking skills. Well, a little bit at least.

Well, in today’s times, manners are certainly a thing of the past (applicable to women as well as men). So, there I was, always armed with a book, wondering why Mr. Right is playing hide-and-seek with me. Aunties told me, “Marry fast, or you won’t be left with options.” Co-workers mumbled, “Shouldn’t you be married by now?” And here I was waiting for my dreamboat to step out from the pages of a novel and embrace me in a tight hug. Twirl me around on the dance floor.

Yet, since I was searching for a Mr. Right, I realized, there can be many of them. (On the surface, they appear so ‘right’!) Some of them made me cry, some laugh and some made me feel, “What the hell was I thinking?” Here’s a “tribute” to them.

That Guy in my Cubicle: He appeared haughty. Quite arrogant actually. He was the kind who showed he knew everything about technology. Yes, he was right whether I like it or not. To make matters worse, I had to consult him for my assignment. Turns out, he only appeared quite unapproachable. Over the next discussions, he turned out to be one helluva friendly person who had the knack to make you laugh anytime! Quite a combination of wit and attitude. Wow, so a Mr. Right next to me? That’s it, he has arrived, I thought. That’s when he whisked out his iPhone and showed me a photo of a beautiful lady, “That’s my dear wife,” he said. I smiled. Mr. Right was already taken.

That Guy at my Best Friend’s Wedding: There he was, a tall figure trying his best to grab my attention. He chuckled as his friend whispered something in his ear and then approached me. He asked me for a dance and I refused much to his horror! But something clicked and soon we were chatting for hours. We got addicted to our conversations. Well, his family was wonderful and everything perfect. They were excited to ‘marry us off’! So, was this the Mr. Right? Strangely, no. Marriage apparently, was an institution he never believed in. (#JustWondering He could have specified it before, right? Oh, yes! Did I not mention that he kept calling me for a couple of years much to my annoyance?)

The Guy on the Matrimonial Site: Sometimes, you give up on love, and you think it’s best that love be ‘arranged’. So, here I was in a popular cafe located on the busy lanes of Pune city. The guy had spoken to me over the phone and insisted on meeting with families. After a quick chat at the table, his father indicated and mumbled, “You both can sit at another table and discuss.” We obliged and ordered some hot piping soup. Just as I was about to sip it, his father leaned over and said, “Beta, don’t forget to blow air on the soup so that it does not scald your mouth!” (To put it simply, do phooo phooo” on the soup. Said with a sugar toned voice.) I grimaced and thought this one had better be a miss! 

As you can see, finding Mr. Right was not easy a couple of years ago. There were no dating apps or secure sites that made it easy to skim through numerous  (tiresome) profiles. While some displayed photos of their lost youth, others used profile photos in their swimming trunks (really?!)

Yet, this constant hunt brings questions to my mind.

What’s the goal of a woman really? Let’s see how this society has treated me so far –

  1. Secure high marks (Bingo, I did)
  2. Get yourself a seat in a great professional college.(Great, done that)
  3. Get working. C’mon, you studied so much, put your creativity to use. (Fine, I won awards.)
  4. Get married. Now that you’ve worked, get a guy before the wrinkles tell a tale. And, better make round rotis. 
  5. Reproduce. The clock is ticking. (OMG)
  6. Reproduce again. The single kid is lonely. 
  7. Forget your passions. Why do you need it anyway?
  8. Relax, stay at home. You’re old, so don’t bother venturing out. Which old person does?

Gosh! I just realized I’m living a life dictated by people around me. These people who have made up some rules and isolate people who don’t follow them.

I think I’ll take Tintin anyday, no wait, Snowy is better 🙂

Now, Mr. Right is not an apple that grows on a tree whom I can happily pluck and take home in my bag. Mr. Right is not someone who I can bump into whenever I want. He’s not as he appears to be. He is hiding somewhere. Hoping to be discovered. Without the pressure of the ticking clock. Without the constant push from people around him. He’s someone who will accept me with all my flaws. And yes, cook a decent meal. He’s somewhere out there. Someone who will make me laugh rather than cry. Someone who will be true to me rather than display a fake identity.  

The Wait (we all are)…..as I look at the stars, admiring their twinkling light. “Keep on twinkling”, I mumble. You certainly can’t lose your spark if something has not gone your way. You keep on shining like a star. And, its that radiant light that will guide him towards you. He’s coming surely, if you have the magnetic pull. He’s coming when you need him the most. 

To those who haven’t found their Mr. Right, just don’t worry your pretty self. Everything has a reason and all you need is faith. Hold on, you are almost there. And, you are not alone. 

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“This blogathon is supported by Woo, The most popular match making app in India with a base of over 3.5 million users.”


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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