“Can I have the size M please?”, I asked using a polite tone. “I think you should opt for a size S,” said the sales executive casting me a bored look. To my over-enthusiastic friend, he simply mumbled, “Madam, we don’t keep your size.” He did not even look at her. Needless to say, we left in a huff, hoping to mutter some fancy ‘bad’ words to ourselves but unable to think of some… anyway. mannequins-1413358__340.jpg

Ouch! Within a few seconds he had classified both of us as – one who probably wears a size bigger than she should be wearing, and the other….well, she should be lucky if anyone tailored clothing to fit her large frame.

Which brings me to one point – fashion is certainly not just about a size range. And, fashion is definitely NOT something cheesy sales staff in boutiques have to offer.

You like a style – try it and flaunt it (if it fits). Otherwise, just forget about it. There’s just so much to explore. The peplum tops, the cold shoulders, the maxi dresses, palazzos (often spelled as plazzo or palaazoo locally – don’t ask me why). There’s no end to the number of designs thrown in our face. In the age of fast fashion, trends are changing faster than we

Hiding ourselves?

can bat an eyelid. 

What if a company simply designed clothing for every woman? The kind of woman who knows to love, follows her passion, chases her dreams, innovates, juggles and manages a work-life balance…someone who just wants to look good, without too much effort. Someone who needs to feel pretty without being told harshly, “This design ain’t for you lady. You are too thin/fat for it.” Someone who can make heads turn without worrying about what size she is being categorized in.

Someone who is gorgeous from within. Now, that’s the kind of fashion trend I’m talking about.  

Where fashion is a state of mind. Not a size range. 

More on this later. Till then, stay gorgeous, lovelies! 


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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