Trends come and trends fade away. But, style is always eternal. 

A majority of the times…. dear readers, trends are popularized by clothing brands so that their apparels sell (how will you explain the hype?). And, shopaholics lap it up asap just to appear ‘trendy’. While it’s nice to own trendy items, it’s not wise to sport something that does not either suit your personality or does not flatter you in any way.


A trend such as a peplum top appears pretty when styled in the right way. I’m not a big fan of peplum maxi-length dresses and it also adds to the bulk on the middle (not suitable if you are already struggling with belly fat issues.) Peplum style is a recycled trend and you can find loads of designs. I do think these look good with fitted skirts.


Jumpsuits are oh-so-cool but then, can you honestly flaunt it for the entire day? Ahem, unless you choose to give the bathroom a miss. Possibly, jumpsuits are fine for a short duration. Despite their trendy appearance, it’s pointless to shop these and just keep them for a suitable occasion. 


I simply love crop tops. The designs available online are difficult to ignore. However much I may love crop tops, these can’t be worn just anywhere (depends on which part of the world you are staying!). I personally love styling them with sarees which make it less prominent and hopefully does not raise eyebrows. (Oh! That top looks a tad too short. What will people say?) *FacePalm

I love all the three styles seen above but I certainly do think these need to be carefully put together for a ravishing effect. Do you love any trend but find it uncomfortable or too cumbersome to flaunt on a daily basis? I would love to know your views.




Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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