They promise a smooth texture to our skin. They get rid of all the dead cells on the outer layers of the skin. These products put up a pretty picture of a perfect YOU and are advertised strongly by companies that say –  “use this exfoliation as a routine and you’ll be glam in no time.”

The truth behind face scrubs and body scrubs that include microbeads as an ingredient is quite dangerous to the environment and eventually, to the human race. Women, and men, in a bid to look gorgeous in less time often end up purchasing such beauty products that contain microbeads – the magic ingredient to have soft and clean skin…and blah, blah! In case you are not aware what are microbeads…remember the tiny, round-shaped, colorful plastic-like things in your face wash and body scrubs? Yes, even scrubs that claim to have walnut particles include such microbeads unless the company is into manufacturing authentic organic products and has a certification for the same.

Microbeads in cosmetics - a growing problem
Do you need such products to be beautiful? Time to ponder

Why you must avoid Beauty Products that include Microbeads

  • These cannot be filtered through the systems and end up being washed into the lakes and other water bodies. They are micro, remember?
  • Unlike plastic bottles (not that I propagate the use of plastic bottles), these are obviously micro in size and end up being consumed by aquatic life. Fish, for example, is consumed by humans. So, in turn, these end up back in our system. What goes around, comes around. 
  • These will remain in the waters for many years to come. Microbeads are made from non-biodegradable plastic. That spells trouble, doesn’t it?

Do you really need more reasons to stop using these products?

Be a wise shopper when you purchase items such as scrubs, toothpaste, face wash, etc. Look out for ingredients to be aware about what the product is made up of. Invest in high-quality organic products and always read and research before you purchase.

PSSSST: Did you know that our kitchen contains many ingredients you can use for your exfoliation routine? I’ll get back to that soon! 

If you are using natural and organic products, I would be interested in knowing about them in the comments section.



Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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