Before I begin this post, I must write something important. These style tips are not meant to put down petite women, and girls! This post is only to help some women who want to appear taller than their actual height. I encourage you to love yourself as you are and take this post on a lighter note 🙂

I’ve always been a little bit taller than the average girl in my class. The result? Well, always at the back of the class for every routine – be it for sports or dance. Sigh! Honestly, I wondered why I was taller than the others as it made me feel all awkward in class. I even had nosy neighbors who walked up to me and said, “Hey! Don’t grow tall else you won’t find a
husband!” Yikes! This remained in my mind for many years till I moved out of my hometown in Goa to pursue my passion. Moreover, hell, things are different now than it was in my days at school. While I somehow envied petite ladies, I’ve had many requests for ideas to appear taller…just for a confidence boost.

On that note, here are my ideas to appear taller and step out in style!

Tips to Look Taller 


Aishwarya Rai is gorgeous with this hairdo that adds more height to her look 
Priyanka with the crown of her hair teased and pinned behind neatly
Priyanka with the crown of her hair teased and pinned behind neatly

What has a hairstyle got to do with height? Well, plenty! Ever noticed how Deepika Padukone looks even taller with her bouffant hairstyle? Any hairstyle that adds volume to your crown does the trick! I especially love updos and half updos. They are so glamorous and create a wow effect! You can tease the crown area of your hair and pin it behind for a formal look to work.

High Heels

Alia looking taller in this dress with heels
Alia looking taller in this dress with heels

We all know that! Moreover, heels give just the much-needed boost to one’s frame. However, avoid very high and clunky heels. The heavier their sole is, the more weight it will add to your frame. In fact, they bring attention towards the feet rather than your entire personality. Choose stilettos that show off your feet. The design should be open and strappy to get an elongated look. A wedge is kinder to your back. Kitten heels are cute and will give a nice added confidence boost to your walk. While stilettos can be cumbersome for office wear, a pair of flats is best worn for day-to-day life. Look for a thicker sole in flats to appear tall.

Dress up Right

Sonam Kapoor in a high-waist pant
Sonam Kapoor in a high-waist pant

Being short or petite does not mean you need to cramp your style. Here’s how to look a little bit taller –

  • Opt for a high-waist skirt, pant or trouser. These should fit well and help to create and elongated look. 

    A cool shirt with vertical stripes
    A cool shirt with vertical stripes
  • You can also create an illusion of a shorter upper torso with a crop top. This tends to make your legs appear longer. A simple fashion trick!
  • Opt for vertical stripes or designs that run vertically. This also helps in creating a taller appearance. Do not opt for too many prints or a loud mix of colors.
  • Opt for V-necks. Tops with V-necks also help in elongating the silhouette.
  • Skirts can be mini or short for that party you’ve been waiting for so long! Team it up with a pair of heels, and you are ready to rock. A midi length is considered a no-no for petite frames. However, you can certainly rock the midi skirt if the top is tucked in. Avoid very long and flared skirts as it only tends to overpower your frame.
  • Flared jeans are avoidable. Palazzos (avoid cotton ones) will work better for comfort and style.

    Accessorize Correctly

Just like we give importance to the way we dress, accessories can make or break the look. Here are some things to remember –

  • Avoid chunky jewelry. It will only weigh you look down. Chokers are also a no-no. Look for long chains with pendants that add length to your petite frame.
  • Big bags are a comfort when you love to dump everything in it. However, trust me, this is avoidable. Look for mid-sized bags that you can carry without allowing the design and size to dictate your look.

Many of Bollywood’s leading ladies are not as tall as you think they are! It is just about the camera angles, the hairstyle, attire, and other fashion cheats that help them appear larger than life. A correct posture and confidence in self is what matters.

It is always good to embrace yourself as you are although a change is welcome once in a while. Till then, have fun, fashionistas!



Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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