It’s time for a fashion makeover! And what a makeover indeed!

Fashion has gone through a tremendous amount of changes over the years. With designers displaying innovative creations every year at numerous fashion weeks, it takes a genius to stand out from the competition. And Shapeways, a leading name in 3D fashion printing is making waves in the fashion circuit.

Wait a minute! 3D fashion? Another fancy term?

Certainly not!

What is 3D Fashion?

Kinematics Dress. Image Courtesy: Nervous System
Kinematics Dress. Image Courtesy: Nervous System

A stunning dress was recently designed and unveiled by Nervous System. This gorgeous creation is a combination of foldable forms which are composed of modules. Thousands of panels are connected together to create one beautiful dress. Such a design is made meticulously on the Kinematics software (Nervous System’s 4D printing system) as can be seen in the image. Designers need to be well-versed with the behavior of geometry. Such a stunning design requires the creativity of fashion designers and 3D printing engineers for the ultimate design to appear in form. As every year passes by, new techniques are devised by companies such as Shapeways, wherein you can upload your own design and get it 3D printed! Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?!

How does it all happen?

Shapeways uses an additive manufacturing process. 3D printers are used to translate a file produced through 3D modeling software. A computer-aided design file acts as a blueprint to create a 3D printed design.

The printer reads the data and thus begins the layer upon layer process. These layers maybe created from metal or ceramic. However, the latest technology using additive manufacturing techniques makes it easy to create a 3D dress or accessory of your choice. Thousands of products can be printed in one shot using the most cost-effective techniques.

Interested in 3D Printed Fashion? Here’s what you can do!

Image courtesy: Nervous System
Image courtesy: Nervous System

Have a design? Upload it on Shapeways and get an instant check of your 3D file. Your design can be printed in over 50+ materials and a pricing will be shared within no time. The moment a design is uploaded, the rest of details can be left up to firms such as Shapeways that deliver the 3D printed fashion in no time.

As a fashion designer, you can easily upload your designs here in the online shop. The moment a buyer places an order, your design will be printed by Shapeways!

Buyers can simply check out this cool site to place an order. Browse through various categories such as accessories, jewelry, art, fashion, and more.

Necklace available on Shapeways. Designer Domini Kraskin
Necklace available on Shapeways. Designer Domini Kraskin

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