I’ve always been fascinated with Batik, and Tie and Dye garments produced in India and abroad. The journey began with my mother, Asmita Lad, who developed a new version of Batik more than 35+ years back. We call it Instant Batik as it eliminates the need for multiple dyeing process or color application to give a tie and dye appearance. The result is instantaneous and the colour does not bleed at all.

Stunning Batik Design by Salt
Stunning Batik Design by SALT in Sri Lanka

Batik is seen in various styles and patterns for garments all over the world. Personally, I really like the designs from Indonesia. However, one particular design house from Sri Lanka caught my eye. Their work not only mesmerized me, their new approach to breaking the traditional silhouette of Batik garments, and its association as a ‘hippy attire’ is commendable. They have taken it to a new level altogether. It’s stylish and classy. And, it does not lose its roots.

Meet the Founder: Prasanna

Handcrafted Batiks by SALT was founded by Prasanna Segarajasekeran, in September 2012. His designs are breathtaking and are fresh, revolutionizing Batik as a traditional artform. Why I say art? Well, to me, Batik is definitely not craft. It requires an artistic sense to get even the right amount of cracks on the fabric. And who says Batik is not classy? You will change your mind for sure.

Based in Sri Lanka, Prasanna’s says that the techniques used to produce authentic Sri Lankan Batik are timeless. Along with his talented team of young designers, they believe in embracing modern technology to ‘perfect’ this process. As I had said in my earlier blogs, Batik done in some parts of India still follow a tedious procedure which slows down the entire garment making process.  The modern process, of course, will not be revealed here!

When you browse through their designs, powerful cuts and vibrant colors will catch the eye. Long flowing strapless gowns, high-waisted pants, stunning dresses that bring out the playful feminine side, tie and dye patterns, cracks on fabric, and much more in well-fitted silhouettes are up for grabs! These outfits can be dressed up to attend a party or toned down for that perfect date. Cool, comfortable, trendy, and stylish…when one wants to ‘stand apart from the crowd’, this is it. Handcrafted Batik designs by SALT epitomize all this and much more. 

I Rule the World: Such a gorgeous outfit by SALT
This is Power Dressing!

If you are looking for Batik and Tie and Dye garments that are unique and classy, this is the place to be. My personal favorites are the gowns and comfortable trousers. I need not say anymore about their unique designs. It’s time you lust for the collection on their official Facebook page. If you know about any different Batik style, do share in the comments below.

Contact:  0779235576, Monday to Saturday (11:00 to 19:00 hours)
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