India’s favorite online shopping website – Flipkart – has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, a discount price being offered was actually the original price for a pair of wedges. Where was the discount? Asked online shoppers. With the surge of online shopping sites, it’s raining discounts throughout the year. A ‘limited period’ is mentioned but really, is it limited as they proclaim? As a concerned shopaholic myself, I know this is a terrible incident for every person looking for a great deal online. Here’s how to avoid disappointment.  

Online Shopping Discounts: A Big Fraud?
Online Shopping Discounts: A Big Fraud?

1) Seen a discount online? Great! Research the product on other sites before you buy it. Don’t blindly order it because it is for half the price. Seasoned shopaholics have a basic idea about the cost of a pair of wedges or a book. This should help you to understand the rate being offered. 

2) If possible, visit the nearest store and check out the product in person. This will be helpful if you want to see the size or fit.

3) Understand that everything on discount may not necessarily be a great buy. Ask yourself – do you need it? Does it fulfill a purpose? Or am I getting carried away with all the hype?

4) For heavy discounts, it’s better you visit and purchase from the actual store. At least you can check the material for any tear or problem area. In case of garments, turn it inside out. For footwear, check the soles in particular. 

5) Do not get drawn to marketing gimmicks. Some of the lesser-known boutiques and local shops may have exclusive and decent stuff for almost the same rate! Support handmade and eco-friendly items. 

Be a careful and watchful shopper. Within time, you’ll soon be able to make smart buys! Happy shopping!

Read the full report about Flipkart.



Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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