I love every product that has a heavenly fragrance of herbal ingredients. So far, I have been quite happy with Biotique as its products use an Ayurvedic formula as the base. I do use other brands only when I tend to get a little bored. In my hunt for something on the lines of Biotique, I came across Rustic Art face wash. The latter is supposed to be completely organic and gentle on skin.

Biotique Bio Neem Purifying Face Wash for all Skin Types
Biotique Neem Face Wash

It comes in a tube with a thick green solution inside. I find the tube convenient to use although, sometimes, an extra amount of face wash ends up being squeezed onto my palm. The fragrance is mild and lovely! It gives a squeaky clean feel after you wash your face. Biotique face wash foams well. There is no animal testing done for the making of this product.


Ashwagandha Root, Kulanjan Rhizome, Neem Bark, Ritha Fruit, Madhu, Coconut Oil, Purified Water.

Cost: Rs. 90/- for 100 ml. Buy Bio Neem Purifying Face Wash here.

Rustic Art Organic Juniper Face Wash for Dry Skin

This face wash comes in a liquid form which is almost like water. It has a cap and a nozzle

Rustic Art Juniper Face Wash

which makes it easy to squirt just the right number of drops onto your palm. The fragrance is heavenly! I wish I had a perfume like this! The foam is not too much and it washes off easily. It does not leave your face tight. I found the feeling normal quite unlike many face wash brands. The product is hand-blended and completely natural.


Organic Oils – Coconut oil, Corn oil, Neem oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil. Vit –E, Veg Glycerine, Demineralized water, Caustic Lye, IFRA certified fragrance of Evoke, Essential oils of Juniper and Chamomile, Natural preservatives of TCLS.

Cost: Rs. 230/- for 100 ml.


Biotique: Good fragrance, easy-to-carry packaging, and great price. Available easily.

Rustic Art: Amazing fragrance, natural liquid texture, does not feel synthetic at all.


Biotique: I’ve not had any issues with this face wash.

Rustic Art: The cap of the bottle does not fit tightly. As such it is difficult to carry it while traveling for fear of leakage. Price is on the higher side which may lead customers to purchase other brands despite the goodness of this face wash. So far, I have not seen it in stores. It needs to be purchased online.
Buy Rustic Art Organic Juniper Face Wash here.

The Verdict:

The ease of availability and tube package of Biotique makes it my favourite for travel. However, both are equally good products and if you don’t mind spending extra, go for Rustic Art. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

If you have any favourites, do list them below!


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