Almost every woman who flips through glossy magazines that define the latest fashion trends often moan at the ‘almost impossible’ persona that is projected through models. Wafer thin bodies, dramatic makeup, perfect stance, and what not! (Add a dash of Photoshop too.) With the media defining fashion styles, our individual identity takes a backseat. Many end up emulating unsuitable fashion trends only because they are in vogue. The result? A fashion disaster!

Developing one’s own style should be a fine combination of your interests, personality traits, and desires balanced with your lifestyle needs.  (You can’t really prance around in a layered dress if you have to attend a board meeting, can you?) I’ve compiled some looks you can emulate. Even better, feel free to create your own!

6 Looks to Inspire you

Elegance Personified

Aah! The eternal classic beauty. The elegant woman in a dress with pretty pumps to match. Are you the social butterfly looking to create that edge over others? When everyone is obsessed with a ‘less is more’ attitude, take a different path. Adopt the elegant look with well-structured dresses, slim-fitted skirts, a smart blazer in an eye-popping colour, some elegant accessories, and the works. Add a bouffant hairdo and you’re done.

Accessorized Beauty    

Sonam Kapoor gives the humble nose ring a modern twist

We know many women don’t have time to fuss around clothing. You can develop your own style with a few tricks. Keep some statement jewellery at hand and you’ll never go wrong! A gorgeous neckpiece, a stunning hair accessory, or an elegant watch – the choice is yours. Avoid loud colours in your clothing to balance the look really well.

Androgynous Look 

Actress Kalki in an androgynous look
Actress Kalki in an androgynous look

The androgynous look has been applauded on the fashion runways. And for ladies, who like to keep it simple and natural, opt for trousers, blazers, well-fitted tees, stylish vests, shirts (think plaids), cardigans, etc. This is perfect for those who want to avoid the typical feminine look without compromising on comfort. Yet, you can grab eyeballs with this unique style mantra. Pixie haircuts or inverted bobs with natural make-up complement this look.

Effortless Style

Karisma Kapoor
Karisma Kapoor flaunts her effortless style. Image source from Karisma’s FB page

 Women who love to style themselves as per the mood of the day can identify with this look. Fresh make-up matched with casual outfits, and a hint of accessories can never go wrong! It can be fitted trousers or ethnic Indian wear; this is all about quick and no-fuss dressing.


Soha Ali Khan in a striking saree
Soha Ali Khan in a striking saree

An Indian sense of style cannot be imagined without a splash of colours. And a modern twist to sarees can make an unmatched style statement for women who love to go off-the-beaten track. Add a dash of hippy style in western attire to recreate the 80s Boho-chic look. And hey, you have a winner in you. Don’t miss the accessories, bold makeup, and trendy bags.

Girly Fun

Alia Bhat in a girly red dress
Alia Bhat in a girly red dress

It’s all right to show that ‘girls really wanna have fun’. If you are inclined to prefer dresses and skirts over boyfriend jackets, flaunt your girly style in pastel shades or bold colours. Think ruffles, layered skirts, pretty heels, and gowns to bring out the style diva in you. Let hair be in soft, wavy curls.

I hope you’ve been inspired to develop your own style with these trendy looks.


Images sourced from Google and Facebook. In any of the images violate copyright issues, please write to me and these will be deleted immediately.


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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