Colourful Ballerinas

A very happy New Year to all the lovely bloggers and readers out there! I hope the year 2014 is filled with creativity and happiness! Speaking about creativity, I must make a mention of one spunky lady who has taken it to a different level. A passion for fashion and a never-ending zest to create handmade products, she now has her own brand of creative footwear…. Yes, you read it right! Footwear!

Meet Priyanka Gusain, a young entrepreneur who has a fetish for footwear. And of course, a creative bent of mind. Her brand,Zubiya’, is a result of her hard work and creativity that began at an early age. Says Priyanka (founder), “I have always been a creative person. I used to paint my own converse shoes, bags and wallets whilst in college. This would garner appreciation! My friends suggested that I start something creative and Zubiya was born!”

It’s been an overwhelming one year for ‘Zubiya’. Creative ballerinas with funky hand painted motifs are available for a steal on Ms. Priyanka’s website. Freaky moustaches on a neon green background to ethnic prints on footwear, Priyanka’s creativity extends to wallets and hand bags as well! Custom made designs are also an option.

When I asked her about any hurdles faced at the start of this innovative venture, she replied, “Once you think about starting something of your own, it can be exciting but one should be prepared to face the difficulties. There have been many sleepless nights to finalize an idea or a particular design but in the end, no matter how much hard work I have put into this venture – ZUBIYA, for me doing something I love gives me creative satisfaction. This is totally worth losing some beauty sleep.”

With the growing demand for e-commerce sites, ‘Zubiya’s’ products are also sold online and through exhibitions. When asked about the customer response to e-shopping, she quipped, “The times are changing! It’s all about e-shopping now! The easy return policy helps customers to get quick returns in case there is a problem with size. Easy money-back policies also make it helpful for the customer who could be located anywhere around the world.”

With a unique range of colourful funky shoes, iPhone covers, bags, etc., the products appeal to all age groups. Priyanka is proud that her products are used by a 12 year old to a hip and happening granny! She underlines that her speciality is about customizing products to suit individual fashion taste. Ranging from quirky, ethnic to abstract, her collection has it all!

When quizzed about any advice for fashionistas, she mentioned, “Experiment with things. In this manner, simple things will have an interesting twist!”

On that note, do visit Zubiya’s Facebook page and website to have a glimpse of her colourful zubi’s (products). I’m sure even Cinderella will bid adieu to her glass slippers!


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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