After hunting for unique stuff for hours online, I have to mention these fashion accessories that caught my eye. Sold under the name of ‘SoulfulSaai’ by a trendsetter herself – Ms. SaiVijaya Naidu, these products are handmade and with care. 1

What I personally love – the earrings and crochet creations. I am sure all fashionistas will find something to celebrate about in ‘SoulfulSaai’s’ collection. The name was initially a Twitter handle by Ms. SaiVijaya. Armed with a degree in Textile Design and a love for art, products by ‘SoulfulSaai’ were first sold on Etsy.comHowever, later on, Ms. SaiVijaya soon started selling on websites that have a larger Indian clientele. Today, the beautiful jewelry and hair accessories are selling like hot cakes amongst shopaholics.

What makes these products appealing from the others sold online – they are handcrafted! This sure beats the hundreds of imitation pieces that are lying around in the market. I would surely insist all you shoppers to go through the beautiful photographs shared by Ms. Naidu. I’m sure you are bound to find many items too good to resist! We wish Ms. SaiVijaya Naidu loads of luck in her venture!! Here’s to more fashionable ladies out there!

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Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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