I’ve been window-shopping off late and I think I’m suitably rewarded. Since I’m new to Bangalore, I have to begin my search for fashion destinations from scratch. I don’t mean the branded stuff, that’s available everywhere at malls. You find dozens of replicas too! I like collecting interesting stuff that should hopefully have fewer copies being sold around in the market. (And at a competitive rate!)

Today, when most women are so conscious about looking good and feeling fit, there are many things that go into making you feel like a million bucks! No, I don’t mean spending this obscene an amount of money. I mean simple fashion accessories that can lift up a dull dress or liven up your pretty smile. A beautiful strand of cultured pearls can make a little black dress look super elegant. Or a kundan jewelry set can give a royal feel to your saree.

I came across one such place, bang on the main road at J.P. Nagar 7th phase, Bangalore. Named as ‘Instring – The Lifestyle Studio’, this destination is aimed at women, men and kids. Women, eat your heart out as the imitation jewelry pieces on display here are bound to tempt you into picking not just one…. maybe two or more!

An elegant glittering necklace for traditional wear or funky earrings with bracelets….it’s all here! So whether you are a fashion diva or a hippie at heart, there’s something here for every kind of woman. I found my choice of chunky jewelry….an emerald green necklace and a funky little neckpiece with a modern painting design. I think these will accentuate a pretty white top with blue jeans!

Psst…ladies, they do have an amazing collection of lingerie designs too. Besides, the service is quick and disciplined. Quite contrary to many shops I’ve been here, where language can be an issue. The toys and gift article section is interesting as well. It includes items carefully selected for the quirky and elite clientele.

Mr. Narendra Kumar Choradia, the brain behind Instring, has been kind enough to share exclusive photographs of his gorgeous collection of jewelry. Eat your heart out girls if you can’t make it here!

To know more, you can visit their Facebook page. Reserve a good amount of time for browsing here.



Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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