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I’m wearing a hand-painted dupatta, (longer than a scarf) painted in the vibrant colors of Instant Tie and Paint process. Unlike Batik that is popular in other parts of India wherein, the fabric needs to be dipped multiple times, this process is simple and allows more freedom for creativity. I can use a brush and paint the fabric in the hues and tones that I wish to achieve. But yes, you need to tie the knots securely to achieve the white space. This is a common practice observed even with the old process of Batik.

Beautiful dupatta in Instant Tie and Paint
Vibrant Colors of Instant Tie and Paint Process.
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You will surely come across many other Batik garments all over the world. However, many of these fabrics have block prints of the typical Batik and Tie n Dye process. The result is something which you can see for yourself!

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