Sale Time: Are they sensible buys?

What does fashion mean to you? Often, shoppers are influenced by what is projected to them by the advertisers. The perfect look, the perfect outfit for a perfect occasion, the perfect body…and what not! In this not-so-perfect world, is it really necessary to be oh-so-perfect?!

Whenever I roam around Bangalore or Pune, I see women who buy dozens of outfits off the shelf. This is especially when the EOSS is on. Yeah….End of Season Sale. The EOSS is another way to add junk to your wardrobe when the mind is tempted with the vibrant colors available in Indian stores. Not many stop to think….does this suit me? Rather, our minds think, ‘I have to have it! Because it’s on sale!’ Yeah, even I have been a victim to these useless gimmicks. Now, when I look back at some of the items, I feel I could have avoided the purchase!

I think the ideal way to stay fashionable is to find something that suits your personality. Most women pick up the zany prints in Indian wear. The problem with large prints is that it only makes you look larger unless of course, the tones are subdued. When paired with a tight legging, these can rarely suit every body type. I’ve come across very stylish stuff in lesser known boutiques that stock better designs and lesser number of copies. At least you are not embarrassed at a work place when your colleague shows up in the same outfit and you both think – ‘Oops, looks like we both shop during EOSS time!’

I am not entirely against EOSS. But I think, making a list of what you need and throwing in another additional item that you fancy into your cart, won’t hurt your wallet. It’s ok to do a little bit of mad shopping!

What do you think?


Author: Kashmira Lad

Indian Fashion Blogger with a Focus on Women Empowerment.  

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