Beauty Begins with Barva

Organic products have been in demand over the recent times. With more women and men being conscious about what goes into their beauty products, it is but natural for us to return to our roots. However, it is not always possible for us to create our own beauty products using ingredients from the kitchen. Lack of knowledge and time are the two major

The outer packaging of Barva lipsticks

The outer packaging of Barva lipstics

constraints. This is when I prefer to leave it to the experts! 

I am happy to have found #TrueLove with beauty products made by Barva. These are manufactured using certified organic ingredients. And the best news yet – these are pocket-friendly (Compare them to the imported brands and you’ll know what I am talking about.)

I personally fell in love with their lipsticks.

Featured below: Shade 313.

DSCN0300Ingredients: Certified organic clarified butter (cow ghee), kokum butter (garcinia indica), beex wax and honey. Includes Clarified butter, Kokum butter, Colour, Caprylic capric triglyceride, Bees wax, Carnauba wax, Vitamin – E acetate, Fragrance.
Store below 25°c. Do not refrigerate as this contains cow ghee. 

Shelf-life: 3 Years

Barva Lipstick shade

Barva Lipstick shade

Rating: 5/5: 4 (I just thought the quantity was li’l less 🙂 )

Quite long lasting for a couple of hours if you are not into eating your lipstick! And with this one, you don’t have to worry about eating it anyway! (It’s made of ghee!) Do not expect a 9-5 kind of performance here. Remember this does not have harmful chemicals to keep it glued to your lips. It’s ok to retouch your lipstick once in a while rather than to sport toxic lipsticks that make your lips feel sticky.

Would I buy more: YES!! I already bought some. 

Price: 300

Products to watch out for – You will fall in love with their moisturizer if you are not a fan of strong-smelling artificial fragrances.

Where to Buy: This is relatively new in the market. I have found them on Amazon.  Buy Barva Skin Therapie Cotton Candy 313 shade here.


Barva lipstick shade when applied on the lips


Keep it up, Barva! We hope to see some miracle lip gloss too!




Love the Aura of these Jewellery Designs

Ok, it goes without saying I love accessories. Trendy necklace designs and statement2 pieces have always been my fashion inspiration. In my hunt for uniqueness of style, I came across the beautiful terracotta accessories by Aura. Founded by Ms. Miya Varma, every item will lend a unique touch to your outfit. The journey began on September 15th, 2013, and there’s been no looking back for this designer. 

Miya feels her brand reflects these thoughts - Aura- she is completely born out of passion and creative restlessness. Make yourself special and unique by wearing fabulous art pieces. Be in LOVE..

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know by now how I love to support handmade designs. I love the earthiness of her designs. So, share the love on her Facebook page and make sure you add a few Aura jewellery items in your closet. Wear them with western outfits or create a fantastic look with an Indo-Western touch. Stand apart from the crowd with stunning designs from Aura! 

How to order: Check out her Facebook page or write to her at

Stunning tribal design. Suitable for a desi look!

Stunning African tribal design. Suitable for a desi look!

This fresh green will look stunning when worn with a white top and flowing skirt.

Acrylic on Terracotta. This  deisgn comes with small-sized jhumkas (not in pic)

Acrylic on Terracotta. This design comes with small-sized jhumkas (not in pic)

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5 Beauty Tips that take less than 5 minutes

Forget the 2-minute Maggi noodles! Here are some awesome beauty tips you can use which makeup-603731_1280take less than 5 minutes. Time to be beautiful as the weekend is here!

1) Always rub an ice cube over your face before makeup application. This helps to keep your face fresh and makes it easy to apply makeup. Even if you don’t have time for grease paint, you’ll still look fresh!

2) Don’t have time to thread? Use a tweezer to gently get rid of the excess hair growth around your eyebrows. Retain your natural shape though.

3) Uh oh! Looks like you just broke your lipstick shade in a hurry to get ready. Keep a lip brush handy to use the leftover lipstick inside the container. 

4) Use a pencil eyeliner whenever you are in a hurry. A shade of brown when gently smudged over the eyelids also gives a lovely effect. Go easy on it though!

5) Opt for a bold lip color when hard-pressed for time. This instantly lifts up the features. Keep the rest of the attire in coordination with the shade you’ve chosen. 

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How to Avoid Falling Prey to Discounts Online

India’s favorite online shopping website – Flipkart – has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, a discount price being offered was actually the original price for a pair of wedges. Where was the discount? Asked online shoppers. With the surge of online shopping sites, it’s raining discounts throughout the year. A ‘limited period’ is mentioned but really, is it limited as they proclaim? As a concerned shopaholic myself, I know this is a terrible incident for every person looking for a great deal online. Here’s how to avoid disappointment.  

Online Shopping Discounts: A Big Fraud?

Online Shopping Discounts: A Big Fraud?

1) Seen a discount online? Great! Research the product on other sites before you buy it. Don’t blindly order it because it is for half the price. Seasoned shopaholics have a basic idea about the cost of a pair of wedges or a book. This should help you to understand the rate being offered. 

2) If possible, visit the nearest store and check out the product in person. This will be helpful if you want to see the size or fit.

3) Understand that everything on discount may not necessarily be a great buy. Ask yourself – do you need it? Does it fulfill a purpose? Or am I getting carried away with all the hype?

4) For heavy discounts, it’s better you visit and purchase from the actual store. At least you can check the material for any tear or problem area. In case of garments, turn it inside out. For footwear, check the soles in particular. 

5) Do not get drawn to marketing gimmicks. Some of the lesser-known boutiques and local shops may have exclusive and decent stuff for almost the same rate! Support handmade and eco-friendly items. 

Be a careful and watchful shopper. Within time, you’ll soon be able to make smart buys! Happy shopping!

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Fashion Revisited

Fashion trends come and go! And when it comes to Bollywood, what celebrities wear rules the fashion circuit. Are many of these trends really new as designers proclaim? Recycled maybe, but certainly not new! Palazzo pants are quite similar to parallel pants (rage in the 90s) in terms of flare and comfort. Dungarees and overalls have been seen much earlier and were worn by pop stars of the 80s. Many of the makeup (winged eyeliner) and jewellery trends have been revamped and caused quite a stir even now. Are we complaining? No! Check out these recycled ideas with a fresh twist that make you want to go shopping yet again! Enjoy!

Good old dhoti pants were even worn by Madhuri Dixit in the 80s. Seen in pic -Actress Sonakshi Sinha

Good old dhoti pants were even worn by Madhuri Dixit in the 80s. Seen in pic -Actress Parineeti Chopra

Kangana Ranaut knows how to rock the overalls!

Kangana Ranaut knows how to rock the overalls!


Amrita Arora in a leather dungaree

Sonakshi Sinha in bright Masaba palazzos

Sonakshi Sinha in bright Masaba palazzos

Winged Eye Makeup looks gorgeous on Aishwarya Rai

Winged Eye Makeup looks gorgeous on Aishwarya Rai

Sonam Kapoor wearing a nath (nose ring)

Sonam Kapoor wearing a nath (nose ring)